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3 surefire ways to become Unbeatable

So, if you want to start being the man who punches back, instead of the one who just rolls with the punches; then you’re in luck, my man.

Stop getting your ass handed to you by time, diminished energy, lack of confidence and, well, life. Take it back, you can’t go back in time, but you can restore the damage it has done.

So how do you start?

By taking on these 3 Ways to become Unbeatable: 

1. Give it all you got, DESPITE how you feel.

Whether it’s your success in fitness, family, or finance…

You need to face your fears.

There will be days that you’re on fire.

There will be days that you feel like garbage.

And when those shitty days come about, be willing to give
it all you got no matter what.

Like I tell all the guys I coach…

Perfection = Prison

If your trying to make life perfect, you’ll be greatly disappointed.

See, perfection doesn’t exist, not in anything and surely not in life.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready to make a change, go for it! You will overcome the challenges along with way, it’s our nature to survive, no matter what, you will be OK.

Do something every day, even if it’s ONE thing, to take you one step closer towards your goals and before you know it you’ll be there.

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2. Ditch the ‘BUSY.’

Stop focusing on tasks that don’t help you meet you goals.

Instead focus on the “Frame” for the week- your main objectives that will get you your desired, end result.

For example:

Shift your focus to things that will only result in growth and profit, cut out all busy work. What do you want? Take it.

Delegate the “busy work” out to someone else, at home or at the office. You must pick one niche, one thing you’re great at doing, to wildly succeed.

If your niche isn’t mowing the grass, answering the office calls, etc. Then DON’T DO IT, find someone who’s niche is to do the odd jobs you don’t want to spend YOUR time on.

As my mentors and coaches have told me before…

Delegate or DIE.

So, focus only a select few things that are CRITICAL for your results and your growth.

This will equate to more productivity and RESULTS for you.

3. Rest

Listen, I understand what it’s like to be on a roll with ideas and spend hours on end working on a project. Hell, I’ve said many times that I wish we didn’t need sleep.

I’ve changed my mindset and you must to if you don’t to backtrack your results and potentially lose everything else around you, including money, in the process.

Sleep is essential for success, working until you burn out is bad for your health, relationships and your business.

So, consider cutting off from all social media, emails, texts, phone calls, for a solid 24 hours. Shit, act like it’s 1974 and the nearest phone booth is blocks away.

It’s been proven that we, as humans, are addicted to rewarding behaviors, it’s our nature. We have a rush of Dopamine every time we hear that phone ring, get a text or receive a “like” on Facebook.

Take yourself back to a simpler time, it will allow you to reset your batteries and charge full speed ahead to DOMINATE anything that comes your way.


A little bonus for you.

What you focus on grows.

Focus on how your life is shit…

How everyone sucks…

How your relationships bore you…

How you never have time…

How you can’t afford things…

How you can’t do things for yourself because you’re too concerned about everyone else…

Focusing on the goal(s) you want to achieve, at work, at home and for your health will give you a more optimistic look on life.

So, there you have it…

3.5 sure-fire tips to help you become UNBEATABLE.

And, if you implement them right away; you’ll begin, not only, walk a little taller, but you’ll notice your tolerance level grow. Things don’t seem to be as bad as they once were, and life gets a bit easier.

Stop waiting and START taking action towards the things you want in life.

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‘Til next time,

Logan Henry



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