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92% fail at this…

“You are shaming a lot of us into it..! You
do realize that New Year’s is still a few
weeks away, right?!”

^Comment a gentleman dropped after seeing LostFit Elite
Member Elliott Summey getting after it in his transformation

Seems this time of a year flips somewhat of
dimmer switch inside everyone

Going into what I like to call

Hybernation Mode

Saying things like

‘Only a couple weeks away..When the New Year
hits, that’s when I’ll make a change!’

It’s strange though

For some have themselves convinced that
somehow massive change will occur once the
clock strikes midnight on the 31st of this

Thinking they’ll some how have more time
available to be able to focus on themselves

Less Busy per say..

Isn’t it ironic (que 90’s Alanis Morissette tune)

The same peeps that say they’re too busy now

will be the same ones that say they just
don’t have the ‘time’ six months from now..

I’ll admit it though amigo

I’ve been guilty of this as well..

“Next year things will be different, you’ll

and there lies the BIG problem

Trying to convince ourselves that the right
time is just around the corner..

There will never be that time when lines up
perfect in your life (just like I’ve said

Which now brings me to my next point


That’s the amount of people who in just a few
weeks time will think that somehow

Osmosis will occur

and the Results they’ve been longing for will
just magically appear

Wrong reindeer

They won’t

Sounds harsh

but I have a good reasoning behind WHY this

Let me explaineth this for you in a little
flashback video piece I put together

You can watch it here:


Logan ‘Be the Other 8 Percent’ Henry

PS It’s true Elliott and the other Men inside

the LostFit Elite Family are ahead of the

and their results speak for themselves..

but waiting doesn’t have to be the case for
you my friend

Change can Start when YOU decide it’s time

When the pain of staying where you are
outweighs the pain of the actual change

Only you can know when that time will be

and if it’s now then go ye here:


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