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Why he keeps getting left behind (bad times)

As you can tell

or maybe you haven’t because you’re just now
tuning in..

but I’m a big fan of good movies my friend

This past week I got to indulge in

“The Martian”

Needless to say it was better than good

It was GREAT

It’s about an astronaut (Matt Damon)

who is left behind on Mars to fend for
himself after his crew (accidentally)
abandons him

Which for some reason every role Matt Damon

seems to play this seems to happened to him (the whole getting

left behind thing)

He finds an ingenious (though quite complex)

To be able to get the food and water supply
he needs to sustain life..

How does he do this on a planet that is
incapable of growing or

producing any kind of water

or food what so ever..

I’ll leave that for you to find out

For now I want to make the the complex simple
for you

and give you a bit of help in the area of

Especially when it comes to getting the body
you want


Starting with the biggest struggle I see most


Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past a
sure fire way to accelerate your results is
to track your nutrition..

To get true results.. that are head turning
you need to master this before anything

(get out a pen & paper my friend)

I’m going to keep this quick and got with
very basics of fat loss

–>Start by taking your current bodyweight in

–> Once this number is figured out, multiply
by 2.2

After these first two steps, you will need to
determine your overall caloric intake

This will all depend on how active you are
throughout the week

Now, I’m going to assume you’re pretty busy
and may only be able to keep active 3-4 times
per week

If that’s the case you will multiply the
number you got above by 10

I.E Bodyweight X 2.2 X 10

Now you will have a total caloric intake of

This will at least keep you conscious of what
you’re taking in on a daily basis

Your numbers will change as you progress and
will also differ based on how active you are,
and than macronutrients will come in to play
(proteins, carbs, fats)

One step at a time though..take what I’ve
given you today and start applying it

This is the very beginning outline I use for
the entire LostFit Family, to help fit their
specific goals, lifestyles, and body

Transforming them from:

Out of Shape
No Definition




Strong &

Intimidately Confident

Now that you know the very basics..

What else is missing..?

The same exact thing that was missing for the
busy guy’s that are within the LostFit realm

Who before thought they ‘knew it all

and realized information wasn’t the problem..

It was actually getting the guidance needed
to stay on path towards the results they
actually wanted

Providing them with:





Knowledge is one thing

but EXECUTION is a different kind of animal
to tackle..

Having trouble executing yourself?

You to can fix that and join in on part of
the action over here: https://logan-henry.com/lostfit-life/

Logan ‘Lost in Space’ Henry

PS  If you are committed to the challenge of
changing your body and your life and you’re
serious about taking things to the next level
in the next 90 days then apply for a call
with me HERE find out if you’re the right fit.

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PPS  I dive deep on what the most important thing you must
have inside any great endeavor if you truly want
to see great results..

More on this later this week

Stay tuned

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