Appetite Check for Greater Fat Loss -

Appetite Check for Greater Fat Loss

When you think of the equation for fat loss there’s one thing that comes to mind.

If I eat less, I’ll Lose More..Wrong

It’s true your body needs to be in an energy deficit to lose body fat.

The type of deficit doesn’t just come from cutting food intake though.

Yes, your body will be slightly lower on calories, but not as much as you think.

The deficit from food should be at a minimum, while the deficit created from a high training output should be at an all time high.

Meaning, when your body is in slight caloric deficit, yet your training hard, there will be enough demand on energy output to create the desired fat loss wanted.

Most are amazed when they start becoming food conscious.

(Knowing what their actually consuming in a day as far as calories go) that they think..


These are a lot of calories to hit.

What actually happens is they’ve been going through life eating the bare minimum do to hectic lifestyles they live

Than the weekend comes around and the food binging begins.

Now that you are actually aware of the amount of calories needed per day to progress in fat loss,

you can’t fathom meeting your caloric intake either do to being on the go or even worse

your APPETITE sucks

There are a couple of ways to fix the appetite issue

more on being busy and on the go for a later post..

Key points in curing the appetite issue:

1. Switch between both liquid nutrition and solid food. It will be easier on your digestive system and will make consuming the extra calories needed easier.

2. I’m not a fan of being a slave to the clock when it comes to eating. Most busy professionals don’t have the time to have 6-8 meals a day, carry around tubs of food and quite frankly I think the concept is ridiculous.

>>Eating more frequently will do nothing but hinder your digestive track and will leave less time for the body to replenish itself.

>>So, around 3 solid meals mixed with liquid nutrition and you will be gold.

3. Try supplementing with a strong digestive enzyme to help give your body the extra help it needs to breakdown all the nutrients you are taking in.

4. Start balancing every day with a good multivitamin. High deficiencies in vitamin B will result in a stunted appetite, so be sure to keep those levels in check.

5. Train your ass off with all out intensity. Shorten the Rest Periods within your training. This will drive your metabolic rate up and will do justice as far as increasing your appetite and getting your metabolism through the roof.

Logan “stay hungry” Henry

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