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I recommend that you do NOT do this

“Should I pretty much avoid them all

^^common question I get asked all the time…

Are they the enemy…?

Carbohydrates that is…

My answer is always…Depends

There are som many popular diet fads out
there that by the time people come to me
they’ve literally tried it all and have
pretty much wreaked havoc on their overall

The most popular is cutting carbs

or (even worse)

Joining the Paleo fanatics.. (more on this
fad later)

The problem with simply cutting carbs is that
most don’t look at the overall equation at

Your body needs the following nutrients for
all processes in the body (especially to lose
body fat, lean out, etc..

Proteins (Used to rebuild cellular tissue of
the muscle cells)

Carbs (Used as a primary energy source)

Fats (Very important when it comes to overall
hormonal processes)

Fiber (always forgotten, yet CRUCIAL for results)

What usually happens when someone tells me
they’ve cut carbs…

They’ve also cut fat and most protein as

Resulting in the issue of having literally

Carbs have their place

But if you are over or around 16 to 20% body

or significantly out of shape…

To lean out and tone up you’re going to want
to back off just a bit…

I explain everything in more detail in this
episode of LostFit Life below

Logan “It Depends” Henry

PS A Knowledge gap is usually not the issue
when it comes to getting the results you want
inside any endeavor in your life.

It usually comes down to a behavior issue.

That being said if you’ve been struggling for some time to maintain consistent habits and you’re finally
ready to get real results and have them last. Fill in the short form below and I’ll reach out to you soon to figure out what obstacles are currently holding you back from the results you wish to see

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