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How to Overcome Getting “Rattled”
Hey, what's going on? Logan here, I was in Vegas a couple weeks back really diving deep with an awesome[...]
He felt like the sweaty fat guy…
Hey, Logan Henry here, So recently, I spoke with a guy who reached out for support and he told me[...]
Exhausted when you get home from work?
Hey, Logan here,Dunno if you’ve experienced thisBut a lotta guys I speak to tell me“You know what Logan”“I feel guilty[...]
21 Reasons Why You May Not Be Dropping Weight (especially around the midsection)
Hey, Logan here,Let me be clear...It's not that you can't drop weight, shed belly fat orget lean, toned, and fit[...]
Spending most weekends trying to catch up on sleep?
Hey, Logan here,I was speaking to an awesome guy the otherwho said:“Logan, I’m tired of spending half of myweekend catching[...]
Vertical on the couch the moment you get home?
Hey, Logan here, Dunno if you’ve experienced this… But I was chatting with a client of mine the other day[...]
Next Level Night Crawler
So, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and take another gander at the flick "Night Crawler" featuring  The[...]
3 surefire ways to become Unbeatable
So, if you want to start being the man who punches back, instead of the one who just rolls with the[...]
How Cooper Saved Her Father’s Life
A true story about Hunter... and Cooper. Cooper is 6 years old and is the beloved daughter of Hunter. You[...]
9 Reasons You Won’t Reach Your Body, Business, or Lifestyle Goals
Looking for the 'perfect plan' instead of just making things HAPPEN? I'm afraid to tell you that perfect plan isn't[...]
5 Simple Ways to Boost Energy, Superfast
So, you're a high-level producer who starts the day with off with good intentions... Maybe you're up early to get[...]
Unsolicited Advice…
Whether it be at a nice restaurant, a nice resort or even a classic cool wine bar, there are plenty[...]
The 92% results “secret”
So it seems this time of a year flips somewhat of a dimmer switch inside everyone. Going into what I[...]
Look what happened to Hunter (proof)
So if you heard the powerful story about how Hunter's daughter saved his life... Read it again here. And today[...]
He did it to himself (results)
"I thought it was just going to be some fitness thing..." A common misconception I often hear from guys looking[...]
The ONE thing you need to stop doing (if you ever want results)
"Avoiding discomfort creates a life of discomfort because in the end you never get what you really want..and you just[...]
What Really Counts
Behold a classic saying I hear far too often: --------------------------------------------------------- "Trying to get going, I don't want to be here[...]
A harsh and brutal truth about your problems
WARNING: This post is both raw and uncut. So if you're easily offended, now's your chance to click back to social media,[...]
The King of Results (and a video)
Let's make this a quickie: "I have no time..." is the biggest reason most busy guys avoid ever taking care[...]
The more you fail, the luckier you’ll get
"Fail, Fast, Fail Often..." Is a saying you might tend to hear from most successful individuals. And you know what,[...]
Next level nightcrawler
So I decided to take a trip down memory lane by taking another gander at the flick "Night Crawler" featuring[...]
His famous last words 2.0
Behold some accomplished words mentioned back in March by fellow LostFit Elite Brother Elliott S: "Last year Allison and I[...]
The Crude Difference Between Winners And Losers
Overcoming the drift... Because let's face it, my man, life is far from perfect. And well... Shit happens. Especially in[...]
If You Can Commit You Can Conquer
Behold the truth: "Our Outer world reflects our inner commitments. If we want to know what we're really committed to,[...]
This is upsetting (post)
So as I was scrolling through my feed the other day and I came across a story that hit me[...]
5 Powerful Ways to Lead More Effectively
DO this. Or do that... You can bark out orders all you want.. But to create lasting change in someone,[...]
How to Win Your Morning (and take back control of your day)
Every morning you wake up, you have a choice to make. And, that choice will determine the rest of your[...]
Why Holding On Fails and Letting Go Succeeds
Let it GO. (seriously) Let go of your assumptions. Let go of the notion that you're so sure things are[...]
How to save time (and beat procrastination)
So as I'm writing this to you, it's taken me a good 15 to 20 minutes to get things going.[...]
You Don’t Have to Be Motivated to Reach Your Goals
Let me tell you a story: I remember like it was yesterday. Cruising out on the lake with family and[...]
How to fast-track your results
Let me tell you a story. A long long time ago. In a far off land filled with robes and[...]
3 reasons why you’re a quitter (and can’t stick to a plan)
May sound harsh..but, there's a point (and a lesson) to this. See, there's a problem spreading about that needs to[...]
Why you should stop this now…
...If you ever want to reach where you want to go Let me explain: A problem that I see most[...]
Guess what?
The most expensive behavior to have is when it comes to reaching your goals inside any area of life... I'd[...]
The Quickest & Easiest Way To Achieve Sustainable Success
Behold a variety of reasons most guys don't follow through with what they said they would do: "Between work, kids[...]
Why I’m Wrong About This (And So Are You)
It's the unknown... It's what holds us all back from going after what we truly want. Fear of failing or getting[...]
Your missing ingredient to RAPID results
I don't care who it is... Whether it be your significant other, family, colleagues or friends. Absolutely none of them[...]
Dropping sweat bombs in your suit
Well maybe just in your shorts. Whatever you decide to wear (or not wear) during this fast paced workout below[...]
I’ve been BANNED
WARNING: "This High Octane jolt of liquid energy will jump-start a Rhino's it should work for you.." This is[...]
The Truth About Results
"Truth is like poetry and most people f*%*ing hate poetry." A classic quote dropped inside the movie: "The Big Short"[...]
Your path.. to results?
Recently during an exclusive seminar for the guys inside the LostFit Elite... I explained the importance of setting measurable goals.[...]
Blindfolds, Balls, and Beaches
Talk about a title, eh... And, trust me, this isn't about some long lost 1970's dirty get your head[...]
We have a problem
Admit it... You start off your busy work day with good intentions. But for some reason right as the clock[...]
How to Get the Body You Want (pain-free)
"Ever since we started adding this stuff in, I'm not longer sore." Mentioned by a few of the guys inside[...]
The Compact Guide to Unlocking Unstoppable Confidence for Busy Men
When it comes to conquering anything in life: transforming your body, taking your career or business to the next level,[...]
Logan Henry-Exposed
True story: A few years back I was at a business conference with some high-level businessman and entrepreneurs from around[...]
Hardcore motivation secrets from an ex-con
I don't know if it's the bedroom Olympics... The obnoxious office antics... But, the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"[...]
Why Exercise Has Become A Higher Priority For These Busy Men
There's a common trend amongst businessman and high-performing professionals,  that work must always come first. Trumping everything else. Including Friends,[...]
What’s it costing you? (it nearly cost him everything)
After a stressful week and some long busy days... I got to sit down with LostFit Elite member Hunter White[...]
Why You Should Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals
Here's a nice little gem I picked up after having an insightful conversation with one of the men inside the[...]
The Busy Man’s Morning Routine For Weight Loss Success
Every morning you wake up, you have a choice to make. And, that choice will determine the rest of your[...]
How to Crush Defeat (Regardless of What Comes Your Way)
Behold a classic saying I hear far too often: --------------------------------------------------------- "Trying to get going, I don't want to be here right[...]
5 Things You Keep Doing (and Why They’re Killing Your Results)
'Well they say if you do this that you will get this..." A classic saying that I'm sure you've heard uttered by[...]
Double chin wake up call
Earlier this week I caught a glimpse on my newsfeed of a random news report. Claiming that front-runner and lead[...]
How To Drop Weight (Almost Instantly)
"I was a little surprised by the whole 'fasting thing' in the morning, but I must say I'm loving it..."[...]
Why smart men do this (And Maybe You Should Too)
When it comes down to it. The only thing anyone really wants is results. But there's just one problem... Only[...]
The King of kung fu speakeths
Behold this little beaut from a legend himself: ---------------------------------------------------------- "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,[...]
How Diets make you FAT
So I'm sure you've been here once or twice before my good friend... You know... Promised the latest and greatest:[...]
4 Ways to Optimize Your Hormone Levels, Naturally
When it comes to the factors of having a better body, a better mind and overall better relationships (aka: the[...]
Why Cardio is a Waste of Time (Do This Instead)
If you're a fan of excessive cardio, AKA constantly running, awesome... Keep doing what you love. But if you're doing it because[...]
At Last, The Secret To Results Is Revealed
The truth is... Saying you're going to do something is one thing. But actually doing it is another story. Happens[...]
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger… Do This
This I know is true, my good man When it comes to accomplishing any goal in life... You get out[...]
How unicorns may be causing you to lose out on getting results
After finishing up long days, I usually get a chance to spend some time with my better half... And at[...]
How you can drink booze and STILL burn fat
Why Alcohol Gets A Bad Rap I can make a fairly accurate assumption that most fit pros, trainers, and diet[...]
Why you need to own up to this (if you want results)
Consider this: The day you finally start taking responsibility for what happens to you is the day you will start[...]
Little did he know…
This always shocks me And it's the #1 thing I hear from every guy that goes through the LostFit Coaching[...]
How To Free Yourself When You’re Constantly Feeling Stuck
So the other day I held and exclusive nutrition seminar where plenty of knowledge bombs were dropped And right out[...]
How To Get Fit and Ditch the Gut [literally]
If there's one common thing I hear from all the guys I coach It's this: "I don't want to get[...]
The one thing you need if you want to see results faster
Flashing back to about a week ago I had a great little reunion with some family And enjoyed spending time[...]
31 Ways To Get Rid of The Extra Weight
I'm going to make the complex very simple for you, so you can lose the unwanted pounds and tone up[...]
They’re watching you
So as you may know (or not) A couple months back I had a business trip out to Sunny San[...]
One Tool to Rule Them All
So recently elite member Elliott Summey introduced me to something pretty badass A customized app to get you out of[...]
How To Destroy Your Love Handles With Just 5 Moves
I feel ya, my man Relaxing after a long week and getting ready to dominate the week ahead... Well to[...]
The 8 Best Cardio Workouts for The Guy Who Hates Running
If you've been tuning in for some time now, you know my beef with traditional cardio in terms of burning[...]
Best Tip for Out of Shape Men to Lose Weight
"I was a little surprised by the whole 'fasting thing' in the morning, but I must say I'm loving it.."[...]
The Mistake All Men Seem to Make
It doesn't surprise me that the vast majority of guys I come across Are jumping ship... Fad after Fad Another[...]
I recommend that you do NOT do this
"Should I pretty much avoid them all together..?" ^^common question I get asked all the time... Are they the enemy...?[...]
Why running could be harming you
So over the past few days, I've had some pretty insightful conversations with guys that finally who wanted to take[...]
What every busy guy ought to know about eating on the go
"I'm usually on the go throughout the day, or traveling on vacation.. so what do you recommend as far as[...]
How to shave weeks off getting results
Regardless if it’s shedding the pounds, getting lean, becoming fit Or Just reaching your full potential in any area of life[...]
Why you exercise so much (and still can’t lose fat)
So the other day I had a friend of mine message me saying "Hey looking to get back into shape,[...]
This ruined me…
I'm back at again I've been off of them for quite some time now, but the other day I had[...]
Silent but deadly
It's here to stay It's inevitable And It will never go away Whether you're trying to level up your body[...]
I wish I hadn’t…
This is the one thing that no one wants to feel And it's the number one thing I've heard from[...]
Put it down (or it’ll cost you)
Put that cookie down.... ...Now! Seriously... Well, sort of. If you've seen the obnoxious holiday comedy "Jingle All the Way"[...]
Warning: Super-Fast Fat Burning Workout Lurking Inside
Below is a quick 10 minute HIIT workout that requires no equipment Just the intestinal fortitude of a man who's[...]
Where are you at?
So far... Seriously, where you at right now? We are done with the first quarter of the year The first[...]
How to Not Gain Weight While Traveling
So as I write this I'm getting ready to head out to the airport to catch my flight back to[...]
Gone too soon
Many moons ago On a dark and cold December Night In the city of Chicago, Illinois A man was searching[...]
Meh..what’s the point?
You ever felt like that before ^^ or maybe you hold it all in but those closest to you can[...]
OH, that’s why.
I'll say this Over and Over again... What do you want? Well.. I want to _______________ Ok, sounds good -->WHY?[...]
5 Simple Steps to Lose Your Gut (and get abs)
The busy guys I coach on daily basis all have key reasonings as to why  they began their transformation journey[...]
Stupid simple workout wins the day
Let's dive right in my man As I want to make sure you get right on this So without further[...]
His famous last words
"Last year Allison and I were riding past this event and I looked over at her and said, "look at[...]
Super-Fast Fat Loss Workout (no equipment needed)
Come on.. JUST DO IT Easier said than done for most.. As a busy professional myself, I can relate with[...]
Doesn’t get easier than this
I'll keep this quick today (as I'm enjoying some good times with the family today) The latest workout video I[...]
Let’s talk about Dusty (and the weird tip I gave him)
Q&A time... A quick one as by elite member Dusty Garus ------------------------------------------------- "What is one way I can get over[...]
5 Warning Signs You’re Suffering From “Low T” (No. 3 is Worst)
It can be devastating Low sex drive Low sexual performance Increase in the girly hormone (estrogen) Loss in lean muscle[...]
“That’s what she said.”
Behold.. a little known awesome fact dropped from a member and his lovely wife -------------------------------------------------------------- "When I told me wife[...]
Someone is looking up to you..don’t let them down
So every now and again The better half and I like to indulge in a little docudrama action and let's[...]
Why you shouldn’t be doing this at breakfast
As most of you have been told "breakfast" is the most important meal of the day. This statement can be[...]
Here’s a Quick Way to Lose Your Belly Fat
Short and sweet today my good man If you already have the body you want and you're showing up every[...]
33 of the Best Bodyweight Exercises for Busy Men
So you want to get in shape without always having to rely on tons of equipment all the time? I[...]
They screwed up..Big Time
Everyone loves a good challenge Especially when the stakes are high And for my man Dusty Garus being the big[...]
What NOT To Do
Lend me your ears for a sec my man Recently, I had a conversation with a guy about the frustration[...]
“i miss you.. wish you were here”
***Warning*** This is for YOU & your family. You owe it to them… You truly do.. When you work with[...]
RE: the post
So after having long busy days I usually tend to close the night off spendings some relax time with my[...]
Behold the truest statement ever -------------------------------------------------------------- “Man…sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate[...]
Is it true (what they say about you)
Picture this.. You woke up out of a deep slumber and for the first time you actually felt great.. Not[...]
4 Reasons Why Your Results Suck (and what to do about it)
I'm tired of it Seeing guys putting in the efforts but never reaping the results they wish to see.. It's[...]
Stop. Just Stop.
Alright that's a wrap "Now that's my kind of cardio..that certainly will take the fat off" ^ words expressed by[...]
You’re right..but here’s the truth
"Truth is like poetry, and most people f*%*ing hate poetry." ^little quote drop from the recent flick I saw with[...]
About Last Night…
This is coming to you a little late today my friend I'll be honest I was up all night putting[...]
Hey, That’s a Fact Jack
This is so true Had a conversation with long time lfit member Paul Betzen the other day on what stops[...]
I get this a lot from the guys that join the elite group.. "I really wanted to join a while[...]
Riddle Me This…
How can 2 people with the exact same information, tools, and guidance have two completely different outcomes.. One wins.. One[...]
All hail the DESTROYER of ‘Discipline’
Let me tell you a story: Back when I was a young lad Sporting oversized clothes and a classic bowl[...]
Let’s be honest here
The truth is.. Saying you're going to do something is one thing but actually doing it is another story Happens[...]
Think you’re a loser?
So this past weekend me and the misses got to check out a little rom com flick called: "My Man[...]
YOU decide
"I got to tell you man, this is by far the greatest I've ever felt in my life before" v[...]
Your missing ingredient to RAPID results
I've said this.. I've felt this and It's what everyone I speak with tells me as to why they can't[...]
How He Lost It All
Was having a recent conversation with long time elite member Patrick Murphy about why it's so difficult for most guys[...]
What happened to Patrick, Elliott and Craig
I am not one to dwell on the past.. but for today I'll make an exception It's only been five[...]
Punched in the face
What a feeling Crazy how much difference a year can make eh How did yours go? Good? Bad? In all[...]
His BIG, BIG Screw Up (and how to avoid it)
Picture this.. Guy gets seriously overweight and packs on more then just a few extra pounds.. On top of that..[...]
The 25 Most Awesome Exercises that will Annihilate Your Spare Tire
Tis the season to be Merry.. and for that reason my friend, I'm about to lay upon you the gift[...]
The RAW truth about Why the Scale Doesn’t Matter
You've probably heard  the phrase 'The Camera Never Lies' This couldn't be more true especially when it comes to keeping[...]
How to get results fast (regardless of what you’ve tried before)
Let me tell you a story. A long long time ago In a far off land filled with robes and[...]
92% fail at this…
"You are shaming a lot of us into it..! You do realize that New Year's is still a few weeks[...]
“I just can’t catch a BREAK” [tough times]
Every now and then when things just aren't going my way As far as tickling my entertainment bone.. I venture[...]
Just a little bit selfish there don’t ya think?
I've got a big day ahead of me so I'll keep this short and sweet today my friend Selfishness.. It's[...]
I’m No Hero
This past week I paid a good ole visit to my my incredibly talented barber... Who might I add is[...]
The Italian Stallion drops some bombs
Of wisdom that is Admit it every time these final months of the year roll around there's nothing better then going[...]
Keep calm and eat THIS
One Bite at a time...' Talking about results here my man (stay with me here) ^Bringing me back to a[...]
The Result is strong with this one
So I receive this message the other day from LFit Elite Family Member Ben Gochnauer...about the side effects of being a member[...]
The 20 Minute Workout that will Melt Your Gut Away
Saving Time The most important aspect in anyone's life is time.. Especially if you're a busy guy on the go[...]
You make NO sense
"I was always like..What is this guy even talking about...? Now I get it.." ^response from lfit elite member Craig[...]
This was it
By far.. The biggest take away I had from my trip to Austin besides it's very unique (but awesome) culture Was Ultimate[...]
It’s bad for ya
It surrounds you From Work Relationships Family Friends Negative Surroundings can wreak havoc on your ability to get what you[...]
Scared to say the least
I'm not going to lie I was a bit scared When  I decided to embark in a wild rope climbing adventure[...]
How to Get Lean: 27 Ways to Lose Fat Faster (Part 2)
Now it's time to wrap up the 27 Series on Burning More Fat & Getting Lean 14. Be Strategic with[...]
I’m ON it
A wee bit jet lagged but I'm back my friend Feeling like a just got shot out of a massive cannon[...]
That moment when…
you finally hit rock bottom.. Overwhelmed Anxious Tired Last week was one of those weeks where stress has been at an[...]
I’m done with this
Ever had that thought creep in your mind before.. Anytime you were working hard to accomplish something but nothing ever[...]
Why The Results You Want Aren’t Happening
We live in a fast paced world.. Where everything comes in an instant I'm not going to lie to you,[...]
About that comment you made the other day..
'Shaun Payne is literally the perfect example of "You can do anything you put your mind to" He continuously amazes[...]
It’s not what you think
"I've been studying different books, literally loading up on so much information about training and nutrition through different books, blogs, sites,[...]
And this is WHY you Fail (and I do too)
Ever come to a point in time where you can't seem to follow through with anything? (I sure know I[...]
The PROVEN Way to Lose Your Gut (fast)
You've had a long day You're stressed from being on the go You just need to kick back and enjoy[...]
How eating LESS is actually making you FATTER
The temptation is real my friend and To turn your head from it is almost Damn near IMPOSSIBLE What in[...]
Can you spot the difference?
Me being located in one of the most beautiful cities around (of course I'm biased 🙂 is that there are[...]
They’re FULL of it
After finishing up a wild good time with the LFit Elite crew last week My man Craig F pulled me[...]
Yeah, I guess maybe you don’t have it
Few days back I finally got to catch the movie "Whiplash" with my better half I must say WHAT A[...]
Why you keep falling off the wagon (and how to actually benefit from it)
Regardless if it's fat loss, getting lean, becoming fit, or just reaching your full potential in any area of life[...]
Pumpkins, Goats, and REAL results
Ahh.. nothing like the smell of fall to get me all giddy inside and since it's been so nice in[...]
It doesn’t feel so hard when it’s only this small
I seriously hate when this happens Earlier in the week I planned on getting my workout in early to of[...]
15 Minute Workout: 1 Park: Serious Fat Burn
Perform this entire routine as a circuit.. If for some reason you can't complete some of the exercises or You're[...]
It’s FINALLY here
Today is October 21st and you know what that means.. The day Marty McFly & "Doc" Brown invade the future[...]
What have I done to deserve this?
I know you've had them yourself They seem to wreck your entire day When everything seems to go wrong and you[...]
Why he keeps getting left behind (bad times)
As you can tell or maybe you haven't because you're just now tuning in.. but I'm a big fan of[...]
‘Dude…I LOVED that sh*t’
^an exciting message I received the other day from Elite member Ben G. Now, what exactly does Ben speak of[...]
What happened to Brett..
Recently, I had a great conversation with my man Brett B. who's been an active LostFit follower for a little[...]
Why this really grinds my gears (to the nth degree)
You might say this at work You might say this at home You might say this when you're going after[...]
“No, it’s all lies”
" Do you think people honestly have tried everything before to get in shape or do you think they're just[...]
You’re better than that…
After a wet n' wild weekend (literally) I had plenty of time to think (yup, just so happens I do[...]
Why I’m wrong about this (and so are you)
It's the unknown.. It's what holds us all back from going after what we truly want.. Fear of failing or[...]
Reckon you hit this too?
"I came to the point where I had enough and literally half way through the work day I felt like[...]
We have a problem
To state that this past weekend wasn't a wild one would be an understatement I had the honor of being[...]
3 unusual ways to drop fat today (Takes only 5 minutes)
I'm going to keep this short and sweet with you today my friend We are in a world of information[...]
The Fastest Way to Getting Results in Less Time
'I'm the kind of guy who likes to jump all in and start applying the things I've learned..' ^said by[...]
Its you who does this (accept it or stay stuck)
Last week I had  a great conversation with LostFit Elite member Patrick M. Speaking about how powerful it is to be[...]
You don’t need to do this (seriously)
"I've been studying different books, literally loading up on so much information about training and nutrition through different books, blogs, sites,[...]
How to Banish Your Man Boobs
Beyond the flabby guts or the uncomfortable love handles.. We have a nice pair of wobbly man breasts. Even through[...]
This goes for you too
"I don't want to get big and bulky..just toned and a bit leaner.." ^^The same thing I hear often from[...]
Their Reaction to This was Priceless (video)
"You're not in your twenties anymore honey.." ^ This was said by one of our elite members wives after he[...]
The Biggest LIE you keep telling yourself
After last weekend's memorable moments.. (I got engaged just incase you're just now tuning in) I received so much love[...]
Lessons from Gene (Not for the easily offended)
At 6 foot 2 Always wearing seven inch dragon skull platform shoes Silver armor and make up that's bound to[...]
The One Thing You Lack (and WHY it’s critical for getting results)
Busy Exhausted Stressed ^^There isn't a day that goes by that I don't encounter someone with the following symptoms above[...]
Why you should master this (and How you can benefit from doing it often )
If you are new to resistance training or It's been a while since you stepped back into the training realm[...]
Its natural so don’t worry about it too much
"Not sure how your program works, but I was wondering if there was some type of buddy system..?" ^^This was[...]
Is this what’s holding you back?
The drive to continue can be especially hard in any area of life my friend I'm all about taking action..[...]
He who must not be named (question)
"So my friend must not be too happy with the results he's getting from the training program he's doing... He[...]
They are lying
I remember it like it was yesterday.. The room was filled with several coaches who were looking to level up[...]
I’m still recovering from this.. (its time)
What a hell of weekend.. My entire family got together to throw a dual surprise birthday bash for my wonderful[...]
I couldn’t agree more (seriously doubt you will)
I would consider myself to be extremely fortunate to learn from some of the greatest coaches and mentors (I do[...]
Evidence Needed?
"I can really see the results now and I'm LOVING it..!" ^message I received the other day from one of[...]
7 PROVEN Ways to STRIP Away Your Fat for Good
So you want to take a stand and kiss that belly fat goodbye..? You want to finally be that person that[...]
Are you in or out?
Whether it's from an occasional binge on Netflix or 30 minutes side tracked by youtube.. I'm hooked Hooked on TED[...]
I have the answer
"The other programs I've tried seemed to lack meaning.. it's like we'd just go through the motions, train, than wouldn't[...]
Hands down one of my favorite flix to watch is Limitless.. Where Bradley Coopers character takes a drug called NZT[...]
The 5 things you keep doing (and WHY they’re killing your results)
'Well they say if you do this that you will get this.." ^A classic saying that I'm sure you've heard[...]
Sorry it’s over
Every morning before I let the external world take over my soul.. I always start the day with ignite[...]
So a couple days back I ended up pulling a late nighter.. Why you might ask..? Well it has been one[...]
Only you can know this
Morning bliss has occurred.. I'm at an all time high right now Maybe it's from.. The crack like coffee I'm[...]
‘I owe it to them’ You?
You owe it to them... You truly do.. When you work with as many busy working professionals as I do..You get[...]
Just the tip
^Something worth trying that's probably outside of your normal routine of what you think is right.. And no it's not[...]
This will either Inspire or irritate you
I discovered something today that will help you out big time my friend.. I'm serious.. (stay with me here) Last[...]
How I would lose fat if I were you (You need to see this)
What would I do If I was trying to lose fat and get back in shape? ^^ Got asked this[...]
They’re wrong…
Went off on another Netflix tangent the other night.. Most were just re-runs of the same ole crap but there[...]
Don’t believe it (it’s not true)
This past weekend I finally got to catch the flick "Night Crawler" featuring Jake Gyllenhaal.. It's been in my que[...]
What has Jamie been doing now
"Missing training within the LFit realm, can't wait for that day again.. btw I will be on America's got talent[...]
Avoid this CRITICAL error for ‘losing weight’
Excitement Anticipation Eagerness ^ all symptoms my man Ben from the LostFit Elite Coaching arena was going through the other[...]
You will never get results until you do this
Giving it a go here and there doesn't ever cut it Especially when it comes to reaching success across all[...]
X marks the spot..(simple trick to a better body)
A couple weeks back, I had a chance to tune into a special Sunday Morning If you aren't in tune[...]
Why you should eat more of this..(increased fat loss, improved sex life)
If there's one common thing I see neglected in most individuals nutritional regimen it's FAT I get it though People[...]
Unicorns & Results…
After finishing up a busy one yesterday I got a chance to spend some time with my better half At[...]
Message from Tyler…(how to unleash your best body ever)
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The guaranteed path to real results is ________________.
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Shaun’s big secret…(to an unstoppable transformation)
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My Un-Censored opinion on “Supplements”
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The secrets of Magic Joe (accelerated fat loss)
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Next Stop Paradise: (Avoid this ONE thing if you want Results)
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Rapid Fat Loss With Barbell Complexes
Saving Time The most important aspect in anyone's life is time. It's something we can't get back and it's best[...]
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LostFit Success Story: Case Study Michael S.
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Appetite Check for Greater Fat Loss
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Lost Fit: Results..With A Life Changing Experience
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FlapJack Fiesta
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the heck out of some delicious regular flapjacks, but if your goal is to[...]
5 reasons your not getting the results you desire
It doesn't matter how hard you work or how relentless you might be.. There are a couple of key flaws[...]
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Ego Crusher
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Functional Reasoning
As a fitness professional and someone who loves training, I'm always trying to think outside the box and shock my body[...]
Inner Circle Nutrition: Cheesecake Num Num
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Bonus: Superhuman Development: Heroic Abdominals
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New: Lost Q&A: Pre,Intra, & Post Workout Nutrition
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Pure Independence Workout
Happy 4th of July Everyone! Since were celebrating a day of freedom, I felt it was my duty to provide[...]
Latest Cookbook: A Primal Feast
This is hands down one of my best cook books yet. From Protein, Fat, to great sources of Carbs, this[...]
Lost Q&A: Total Carb Overload
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The Infamous Interview
I sit down with member Drew Thomas to go in depth on his entire training process and find out[...]
The Limitless Transformation
Words can't express how proud I am of my client Drew Thomas. He has been relentless through out his entire[...]
New: Summer Sprint Workout
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Consistent Progression
Progress is what keeps us striving for excellence. Without progress we feel as if we are not moving forward and[...]
New Section Added: Exercise Library
The exercise library will be filled with tons of instructional clips on how to perform an exercise properly. I will[...]
Transformation Inspiration
I am truly inspired by my fellow clients who push past their own limitations and fight for what they want.[...]
The Ultimate Change
My online client Chad has gone from 15% body fat down to 8% in 9 weeks of Lostfit Training. He's[...]
New Section: Lost Conditioning
Lost Conditioning is a New Section added inside the Lostfit Member Section. It will feature intense conditioning complexes that range[...]
Lost Cookbook: The Elite Burrito
In this Episode of the Lost Cookbook I will show you how to create a burrito that is packed full[...]
Fish Oil Supplementation
One of the most beneficial supplements for overall health is omega-3 fish oils. They are great at maximizing training output, helping[...]
Lost Q&A: Supplements
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Progress with Lostfit
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Fat Burning Breakfast
As most of you have been told "breakfast" is the most important meal of the day. This statement can be[...]
Lost Q&A HIIT Training
New Lost Q&A on HIIT Training. I will discuss the benefits of doing High Intensity Interval Training, how often it[...]
An Elite Transformation
In the summer of 2013 actor Jamie Costa had 2 months to transform into an incredible super hero. Through hard[...]
Power Bars
Nutrition is key when it comes to recovery and overall health. In this new video I will take you through[...]
Eggplant Pizza
In this Lostfit Cookbook I switch things up and give you your not so ordinary pizza. This little treat is[...]
The Ultimate Exercise
If you want to develop not only your back, but a strong core as well than you have to start[...]
Limitless Fat Burn
If you want fat loss in a hurry than your best bet is to give HIIT a try. High Intensity[...]
Cookie Dough Dream
Who doesn't like a little cookie dough now and than? Here I will take you through one of my favorite[...]
Wolverine Fan Film
Now that you have seen Jamie's Amazing Transformation, checkout his awesome performance in the Wolverine Fan Film by @sokrispymedia.