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Why smart men do this (And Maybe You Should Too)

When it comes down to it. The only thing
anyone really wants is results.

But there’s just one problem…

Only about 2% are committed to achieving it.

And most will utter out the words ‘I’m

What people don’t understand is there’s a big
cost that comes with just trying.

What is it, you ask?


It’s something you can’t get back.

Trying is simple giving up your most valuable

Commitment comes down to you realizing
there’s a cost to be made when you fail to

Every successful person I’ve met have one
thing in common…

They make quick decisions and commit to
accomplishing their goals no matter what.

No stories. No Excuses.

They just commit and let the results speak
for themselves.

Speaking of commitment here’s one of many
examples of a guy who chose to commit to his
transformation journey.



Paul started at around 20 percent body fat
and 197 pounds.

Fast forward 3 months later and he’s now down
31 pounds (166) and is now under 10 percent
body fat.

Not to mention a few other side-effects to come with it…

=> He now has more confidence than he knows what to do with.

=> He’s become a role model of self-worth for his kids and colleagues.

=>He has the energy to focus and perform at an unbelievable level inside his career and still come home with energy left
to spare to be active with his loved ones.

Paul’s set new goals and has got much bigger
plans ahead of him inside his transformation
journey than just shedding some pounds.

LostFit is about expansion and I’m excited to
see what’s in store for this man.

Regardless of what’s ahead for him or any of
the men inside the LostFit realm. There’s one
thing I’m certain of…

All of them COMMIT 110% towards reaching
their goals.

Now it’s your turn.

Well that’s only if you’re willing to commit
and you’re not happy giving away anymore of
your valuable time.

Click here if that’s you.

And remember my friend.

Trying isn’t congruent with reaching true

Logan ‘One Word’ Henry

PS- Incase you missed it, you can catch Paul
and some of the other gentlemen inside the
LostFit Elite Family speak about their experience so far by clicking here.

Or, just catch it in this video below:


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