Consistent Progression -

Consistent Progression

Progress is what keeps us striving for excellence. Without progress we feel as if we are not moving forward and that we are not meant for change. That is not the case with my online client Tyler Schmidt. Tyler has been a member of Lostfit since March and has been making some incredible changes. He’s been following the weekly trainer consistently and has listened to everything I’ve told him. His transformation is only in the beginning phases. Our next step is to get Tyler to add mass while remaining relatively lean. This is the type of commitment that I like to see within in all my clients. I look forward to working with Tyler throughout his transformation journey and seeing the incredible changes that are to come! Below is a few words Tyler has shared with me that expresses incredible gratitude towards Lostfit.

“Lostfit’s results are real. It’s as simple as that. I’ve worked out for stretches before this and haven’t gotten results as good or as quick as this time around. If you follow the workouts, the diet, and the principles Lostfit teaches you, you will see the change you want. I’m excited for what’s next to come.”

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