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What’s it costing you? (it nearly cost him everything)

After a stressful week and some long busy

I got to sit down with LostFit Elite member
Hunter White to get clear on the goals he
wants to accomplish as we move forward into
his transformation journey.

See, over the past 90 days Hunter has kicked
ass inside the LostFit Experience.

And, his results have been astounding.

Which by the way I’ll share with you

As for now, I want to focus on the
realization Hunter had and the consequences
he knew he’d be facing if he didn’t take the
path towards his own liberation.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I definitely would be heavier and wouldn’t
have changed my candy bar, coke, and 5 hour
energy diet.”

“I wouldn’t have energy and I’d be tired all
the time…just like I was.”

“The relationship with my wife wouldn’t have
improved as much as it has.”

“And business and mindset wise…it is
completely different and I’d be nowhere near
where I’m at now…”

“If I would have kept things how they were…

I’d be losing money.

I’d be losing time.

I’d be focusing on the wrong things.

And, I’d be still rolling with the punches…
Now, I’m the one who punches back.”

Most always think of “cost” in terms of money.

But, as you can see from above…

The cost that Hunter would have faced by
remaining the same would have cost him far
more than just gaining a few extra pounds.

By now you’re probably thinking…

“How does joining some ‘fitness thing’ solve
all those problems for me?


LostFit isn’t just some ‘fitness thing.’

Far from it.

Fitness is only one dimension.

Inside the LostFit Elite Family, we focus on
all 4 dimensions.

Setting goals across Body, Mindset,
Relationships, and Career.

Sound ridiculous?

Well, I’d have you consider that if one
dimension is off inside in area of your life
then you can expect other areas to fall short
as well.

Leading you down a path of stress and
constant chaos.

So my question for you is this:

Where in your life are you simply only focusing on one dimension? 

And, your mission is this:

Find one area you know you resist to focus on
and start taking action it today.

Otherwise, you’ll continue to let life pass
you by and simply “roll with the punches.”

As for Hunter and the other elite men inside
the LostFit family they choose to walk a
different path.

One of honor, loyalty, and integrity.

Click here to discover your path.

Logan ‘Punch Back’ Henry

P.S.- Soon I’ll reveal what we did to get Hunter to
push past his limitations and unleash the
best version of himself.

Better Father.
Better Husband.
Better Businessman.

Stay tuned.

P.P.S.- Until then,

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