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Why you should eat more of this..(increased fat loss, improved sex life)

If there’s one common thing I see neglected in most individuals nutritional regimen it’s FAT

I get it though

People have been brainwashed to think that having fat within their diet is bad, but it’s just as important

as getting all of your proteins and carbohydrates in. Without enough fat in your diet it will wreak havoc

on your bodies overall functions, especially when it comes to getting results and optimizing hormones.

In this video below I dive deep on why you shouldn’t fear fats, why their important, and which ones you must avoid.



Don’t F.E.A.R Fats

Don’t be scared to eat fat. Whether you are hesitant to eat fat because you think it will cause you to gain fat or increase your chances of getting diseases, I’ d have you

consider to think differently. Fats are just as crucial as getting in enough protein and carbohydrates.

Society has been driven to believe that fats are bad, but as long as you apply the correct knowledge and  keep your fats balanced within your nutritional regimen, I promise you will be fine.

Why Fats are Crucial

Fat’s help create a mass portion of cells within in your body. The outside of your cell membranes are predominately held together from fat sources. They give your cells the ability to move nutrients in and out of the cell it self. Giving your cells a chance to recover and repair properly. If you neglect to get enough fats within your diet, your cells won’t have the energy to function properly.

Everyone always thinks protein, protein, protein when it comes to rebuilding cellular tissue.

Fats are just as important in this role as protein is.

Fats are essential for optimizing your hormones and increasing your overall performance in both training and life.

If your goal is to get leaner, lose more body fat, and perform at maximum capacity at the beach, in the bedroom, and at the office

Then make sure to get your fats in

The Best Ones

As I always say- Do the Simple. That’s why I’ve created a list for you.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Fish Oil Supplement (High in EPA & DHA)
  • Nut butters: almond butter, peanut butter
  • Omega 3 Fat’s from sea food sources
  • Grass-fed beef is a great choice

Avoid these at all Costs

Trans Fats

These fats have been modified and shouldn’t be ingested within in your body. These are commonly found in fast food places, burger joints, and high level processed foods.  Steer clear of these and you are golden my friend.

Logan ‘Eat More Fat’ Henry

P.S If you are having trouble reaching enough fats within your nutritional regimen, you’re confused on how much to take in or you just want step by step guidance in  your transformation journey go here:



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