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His famous last words 2.0

Behold some accomplished words mentioned back in March by fellow
LostFit Elite Brother Elliott S:

“Last year Allison and I were riding past
this event and I looked over at her and said,
“look at those idiots.” I never thought I
would ever be able to do anything like this.
This has been a great physical change and
attitude change in my life. Thank you Logan
Henry and our entire ‪#‎lostfitfamily‬ for
pushing me.”

Fast forward to about 72 hours ago he said this:

“Feeling GREAT…can’t believe we did it..can’t believe
I did it..just feel very empowered today. I guess is the
right word. Thanks for pushing us, thanks for pushing me..it
was an awesome experience.”

Talk about a complete 180.
See, when we are often afraid of something…

Or..not sure we can actually accomplish such a

We tend to pass judgment…

I know I’ve been guilty of this before.

But you and I are only human so it’s in our nature to judge what we fully don’t understand.

So in Elliot’s case…

Deep down he only said the
whole ‘idiot’ comment because he didn’t think
that he would ever be able to do such a thing.

Fast forward to more than a year later…

He’s down over 40 pounds.

He’s taken better control of his stress levels.

He’s focusing on showing up every day as a better
father and a better husband.

And now has the confidence to take down not just one,
but 2 mud runs in the same year..not to mention one of them
was 4X the length of the previous one.

He’s truly become a modern day UNSTOPPABLE man.

Same goes for the rest of the guys…

Everyone came in not knowing what to expect.

And left with a feeling of accomplishment…

Throughout the entire race, everyone was there
to support one another

No one trucked ahead to show they were better.

No one complained about it being too hard.

No one judged one another for going too slow.

Nope, that’s not the code we live by.

Everyone within the LostFit arena comes
together to RISE as one.

Sure, they got through it, but might I remind
you that it didn’t use to be this simple for
these busy guys who once were…


Out of Shape


Confused on where to start

**Truly unhappy with their physical presence

**The way it was affecting those closest to
them in life

**Whether it be the confidence to take on new

**Take on new challenges inside their careers


**The ability to have more energy to get
through the day

They wanted more…

With everything out there at their finger

The number ONE thing I always come across
that someone is lacking is true…


See, going through any journey of change can
be a tough road, especially trying to go at it solo.

Because I’ll have you consider without having accountability and constant support by your side.. reaching your goals can become pretty damn near impossible.

Regardless of the accountability they get
from me, I believe it’s the massive support from everyone else
within the group that helps them push themselves to a higher standard.

And to be 100% honest with you.

No one…

I repeat…

NO one…

Likes going through a difficult journey of
change alone…

When someone is having an ‘off’ week or
struggles within everyday life…

The group is always there as a whole…

Making sure everyone is on point with hitting
their goals and most important of all…

Holding everyone accountable for all the
things they said they would DO.

When they started their transformation

The excuses…

The stories…

All fell by the waste side…

And something unique happens as an
unbreakable bond is formed.

Making each of them UNSTOPPABLE.

So consider today to STOP going solo.

And start being held accountable for all your
goals by men who are there to stand by your

No matter what struggles you may face along
your journey.

Click HERE to start being held accountable.

And start experiencing 30 DAYS of an unstoppable YOU.

Logan ‘Superman” Henry

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