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Rapid Fat Loss With Barbell Complexes

Saving Time

The most important aspect in anyone’s life is time.

It’s something we can’t get back and it’s best if used wisely to get

things done, especially when it comes to working out and burning fat efficiently.

You can complete a full body workout within 15-20 minutes, leaving you no excuses to get into the shape you desire.

Why Complexes?

Besides saving time, barbell complexes will rapidly increase your metabolism and have you mobilizing body fat.

When you mobilize body fat you’re able to use fat as an energy source. This will help you burn fat from stubborn areas at a faster rate.

Think Primal

I wouldn’t recommend doing any isolation movements during a complex.

Your goal should be to put together 4-5 exercises that will get your entire body working.

Exercises such as:





Barbell Rows

Squat to Press

Executing Properly

If your a beginner to lifting, just make sure you go through each movement pattern to make sure your comfortable with every exercise before starting.

It’s important that you don’t forget tempo or rest.

The rest will be varied between different complexes, but just make sure you’re aware of your time.

Tempo will be another big factor. You want to focus on keeping a steady negative (which is the descend of any exercise) for at least 3-4 seconds.

Below is a full Barbell Complex that I filmed with long time coaching client Chad M.

Watch his form carefully, take note of his tempo and rest time.

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