Guess what? -

Guess what?

The most expensive behavior to have is when it comes to reaching your goals inside any area of life…

I’d give you a shot to take a guess, but that would probably do you more harm than good.


Because it’s GUESSING that’ll cost you the

That’s why it’s vital to clearly know what it is you really want to accomplish.

Whether it’s inside your Body, Mindset, Relationships, or Career

In my experience, the ONE thing that stops
people in their tracks from ever staying on
point with their goals is having…


See, without clarity, you lack certainty.

And without certainty, you can pretty much
kiss your goals goodbye.

Seriously, think about…

What do you want? (your goals)

Why is that important to you?

When will you get it done by?

And how will you track it?

Knowing the answers to these questions is CRUCIAL to your

And it’s what I immediately begin to
understand about every guy before they ever
continue to move forward inside the LostFit

When you break it down into a simple formula
like this you only have one goal to focus on.

And one specific plan fit specifically for

To provide you with the right plan of action
needed to change.

Otherwise, you’ll just continue to surf the
internet, read different books and continue
collecting information in hopes that soon
something will work for you.

Leaving you only more confused than when you

It’s a common theme I see especially, amongst
smart men who think that because they’re a
guy they’ve got everything covered.

Which in my experience being a man myself I can relate to not
wanting to reach out for help.

But today I’d have you consider if you don’t
get radically honest about where you’re at
and what it is you want then I’m afraid
you’ll be stuck in limbo for quite some time.

Which if you’ve seen the movie ‘Inception’
limbo isn’t necessarily the best thing to be
stuck in, my man.

And it’s a trap that all the gentlemen inside
the LostFit Elite Brotherhood wanted to get
out of immediately.

Want to join them?

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Logan ‘Stop Guessing’ Henry
PS- When things are good, things are good.

But, often times it’s not what you do in the
light that matters, it’s what you do in the

More on this later.

Stay tuned.

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