Are you in or out? -

Are you in or out?

Whether it’s from an occasional binge on


30 minutes side tracked by youtube..

I’m hooked

Hooked on TED talks..

From Simon Sinek to Tony Robbins…

TED talks are short vids that pack a huge
punch in valuable knowledge from influential
people who dare to think different…

One caught my eye earlier this morning..

Angelia Lee Duckworth talking about the one
thing that separates individuals from

How people with the exact same information,
tools, and guidance can have two completely
different outcomes..

One wins..

One fails miserably…

Reminded me of a vid I made a while back
about this very topic

My rant was about being ruthlessly committed
to whatever it is you truly wanted to

After watching Angela this morning she added
some extra knowledge bombs to support my

She stated..

“There are talented individuals everywhere
and still no matter how much talent, they
still don’t follow through with their

“Talent alone isn’t enough”

“It’s Grit, having the ability to persist
even when times get tough”

Realizing that failure is not permanent

^^ This is pure gold

Which now brings me to ask you a question..

How’s everything going with your body, your
overall health & wellbeing…?

Be honest with me here..

Are you moving in the direction you want to


Are you just covering things up..

Sedating Yourself..

You know deep down you deserve the best

That little voice of fear telling you
everything’s fine just the way it is..

You are the only one to stop that..

When you have a shift in mindset..

You can be the best version of you..

Only needing the right direction..

From someone who’s been deep in the trenches
and walked through the fire

To be able to take you step-by-step to your
desired outcome

Showing you the fast track to a stronger,
leaner, MORE fit body

It definitely isn’t for those looking for another quick-fix


for anyone who expects results without

putting in any effort

However, it is  for those who are willing to
put in the work, stay committed, and
finally show up as the better version of themselves

Claim your spot to success below:

Logan “True Grit” Henry

PS Indulge in some TED yourself, here is the
link to the goods I was telling you about


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