The King of Results (and a video) -

The King of Results (and a video)

Let’s make this a quickie:

“I have no time…” is the biggest reason
most busy guys avoid ever taking care of
their body.

Thinking they have to everything be ‘perfect,’ before they ever get started.

Spending endless hours doing the same mundane
workouts, but never seeing any change.

I’ll tell you what, my man.

If I put a valiant effort into something, day
in, day out and saw no reward…I’d probably quit too.

However, I’ll have you consider this:

Consistency is.. (and always will be)


But you must be consistent with doing the RIGHT

So as in my humble (and accurate opinion)

You DON’T need to waste away your precious
busy hours trying to get the results you want.

However, you DO need to put in the work.

But work smarter, not harder and you will

In fact, small frequent training’s daily like this one here:


Coach Logan Henry

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