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IMPORTANT: Read the Letter Below Before Using My Famous "5 Step Cheat-Sheet" (please allow 10-15 minutes for delivery)


Apply for our NEW body transformation program (Project-X) specifically for only 8 busy successful MEN who are fed up with putting in the work, but seeing very little outcome, they value their time, and are finally ready to get head turning results.

..With Training That is Smart, Exciting and Nutrition That is Simple to Follow and Let’s You Eat Like a REAL Man while still enjoying Life   (Even Drink Wine And Beer!)…

…..So That You’re Looking Forward To Your Plan Rather Than Dreading It and Waiting For It To Be Done (The Main Reason Most Diets and Programs Fail)

"Are you finally ready for a lifestyle transformation program that works with you and has the certainty of results built in and does’t force you to completely overhaul your life only to drop off soon after, become frustrated and beat yourself up because you didn’t follow it?"

How many times have you started a diet or training plan only to find yourself quitting after a while?


  • Completing the plan and getting results only to go back to your previous weight and how you felt because you couldn't sustain what you were doing as part of your lifestyle 
  • The diet didn't allow you to fit within your lifestyle and you pretty much became a slave to eating instead of having flexible choices? 
  • The training took hours and hours , it wasn't exciting, and got you mediocre (or no) results; and you didn't believe you could make it fit your lifestyle? 
  • There was no accountability and support from a group of people that have gone through the same obstacles and struggles? 

If you’re frustrated and just want results that will stick for good based on scientific principles that have worked with Hundreds of clients in the real world, but you're skeptical about any program in general,

...Then Here is The Solution

The LostFit Project-X Challenge (exclusively for only for 8 guys in the Charleston, Summerville, West Ashley, and Mt. Pleasant areas) where you’ll receive:

  • A strategy session in which we will figure out where you are and where you want to go, eliminate bottlenecks and create a blueprint that if individualized to YOU and your lifestyle and will deliver Results and then help you maintain will get a clear picture and a simple step by step blueprint in how to achieve the results you want 
  • 3 elite semi-private personal training sessions with a program customized for you so we address what will work best for you based on your body, lifestyle, schedule, and restrictions 
  • Unlimited Metabolic Framework (you will have extended framework to allow you to know how to train and perform outside of the coaching realm) each of these will burn more calories in 20-30 minutes. These frameworks will boost metabolism for 24-48 hours after training so you'll be burning more even days after the original coaching sessions (this is something called EPOC that helps 24/7 fat loss) 
  • Nutritional coaching that meets you where you are and not throwing a bunch of information at you trying to sound smart. This is designed to help you get excited about the changes rather than dreading them 
  • Unlimited fist bumps, energy, community and an experience that is completely unique…

The Catch? Is You.

Are you content staying stuck, carrying that excess body fat and continuing to 'try' that cheap stuff, the diets, the workouts and diets that never work? Or are you going to reveal the FIT, STRONG, HAPPIER (sexier) You with my help so that the 'catch is YOU The 'catch' your partner or wife wants to feel attracted to you again. Oh Yes.

You may be in OK shape, BUT you want to be in GREAT shape. If you're excited...and fed up thinking about it... Fed up being 'average' or over fat in a body that you know can be way better... Lets talk. Tell me more about you below... Just like the guys on this page did.

Just don't be that guy who is STILL where you're at now in 6-12 months time

Be The Other Guy..That Guy

The guy who doesn't have to end up taking meds and is CONFIDENT to keep active with his loved ones

The guy that walks TALL because he knows he CONTROLS his life

The guy that has the energy to DOMINATE at work and comes home to have energy for his family

Those who have the highest rates of success... take action fast and compress time following a system that's proven, optimized and dialed in, so you wake up one day soon, [without all that stress]

I look forward to learning more about you and speaking with you. Click the button below to apply..

Almost Forgot..

​I'm so confident that we can get you results and that I am so ruthlessly committed to getting you to your goal - that after seeing the success stories, expert knowledge, coaching, community, experience - you’ll want to stay and become part of the LostFit Family like hundreds of our other clients; that we’re willing to create this opportunity with no strings attached. 

That's right my friend we are so confident we can help you we offer a 200% money back guarantee if you DON'T lose any weight or Start to See Results. How cool is that?

We know we’re not for everyone and if you DON'T like a training realm that is:

  • 100% Committed to Your Results 
  • High Energy and Furthest from Boring 
  • No judgement allowed and everyone supports each towards their goals no matter where they start 
  • From the coaching to the interaction with the other clients everyone is on the same team and it feels like a Family 
  • People are themselves and don't talk or act "careful" because everyone is accepting of everyone else 
  • No "Know-it-Alls" as everyone is ruthlessly committed to expanding and improving 
  • More than just training and nutrition but also community and helping with whatever it takes to make a permanent transformation in your life 

Then LostFit is NOT for you!

​To sign up for The LostFit Project-X Challenge click below and you’ll get taken to another page where you’ll answer a few questions so I can see where it is you are exactly at right now and the goals that you are looking to achieve, along with a message from me, Logan Henry, the owner and creator of LostFit about what happens in our strategy session together. 

Some of LostFit's Amazing Client Success Stories….






I’m NOT Just Going to Give You a Few “Cool Workouts” and “Nutrition Tips”….

…I’m going to take you step-by-step, start to finish to see what you must do to get the results that you want and have felt like they are elusive;

a transformation that isn’t short term of based on some B.S. lie, gimmick, detox, crazy diet, “crush your soul” workout, etc.

but rather a program based on science and real world results.

Soon, you won’t be confused and frustrated about what you need to do to drop body fat for good.

And YOU will be the one seeing results… And YOU will have tools to keep it…. And the catalyst for it will be our LostFit Project-X Challenge… But to do it, you’ll need to take action….

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What’s the LostFit Project-X Challenge?

It’s a catalyst to show you what is possible and what true coaching and transformation training and nutrition looks and feels like. We’re transparent in showing the inner workings of how we create blueprints catered to your goals and lifestyle to get you results.

This is the system and the art of coaching that I've built over several years to transform clients get long term sustainable Results.

 Here’s how it works: - Once you submit the strategy form on the next page and if accepted We will  sit down together and figure out your goals, training, nutrition, lifestyle and finding out what the best plan will be for you to make progress fast AND stick to it -

You’ll go through an assessment so we can find weaknesses that we’ll address in the program so you get accelerated results (if you have something slowing you down your body won’t allow you to progress the pace you’d like to) -

I help you create a nutrition plan that moves step- by-step in a way that you are excited rather than scared and is not crazy restrictive but rather eating foods you enjoy - and most importantly gets you RESULTS! -

You get access to our fast paced, fun, challenging (regardless of where you're at right now ) Coaching sessions .

 You get a customized program to fit your goals and training in a semi-private setting for 2-3 sessions.

This is where you see the advantage of our Elite program where the program and coaching fits your wants and needs and the progress skyrockets with constant changes to get you where you want to go.

2) Is There a Guarantee?

Absolutely..A 200% Money Back Guarantee 

That's right my friend we are so confident we can help you we offer a 200% money back guarantee if you DON'T lose any weight or Start to See Results.. 

3) Do I need to be fit or strong to join?

No, not at all. That's the reason behind the program, is to take you from stressed out, overweight, lacking confidence, and unhappy with your a leaner, more fit, and Powerful version of yourself.

You'll discover this within an inspirational, supportive, group environment with "normal" people who are just like you.

4) If I live a busy lifestyle, will that interfere with the program?

Nope. You can enjoy life and LIVE a little on this program. It is designed for the busy professional in mind and you will achieve rapid results without spending countless hours in the gym.

​5) What Happens When After I Fill In the Strategy Session Form? 

After you fill in the form, I will review it and if accepted I will reach out to you via email or a quick phone call to set up our official strategy session.