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Pumpkins, Goats, and REAL results

Ahh.. nothing like the smell of fall to get
me all giddy inside

and since it’s been so nice in my neck of the

I decided to indulge in a little
fall festival retreat with the fam this past

Besides the creepy incest looking guys
running the petting zoo..

All in all..it was good times

As we all were headed out my cousin and I
began to have some deep conversations on life
in general

(don’t worry this isn’t about ‘finding
yourself’, stay with me here hombre)

I explained to him the possibilities of growth
that anyone can have throughout all areas of
their lives

You know, the same goods I rant to you about
on a daily basis

We began to speak about those who constantly
complain about their current realities

Whether it be within their





Most are just sitting on the sidelines
complaining about how they don’t have




but never take the necessary steps to
get out of the situations they currently

This particular phenomenon happens with a lot of guys
wanting to change their bodies


overall health



Hopping around from program to program

or worse..

Thinking because they’re a guy

They’re quote on quote


Clearly just letting their EGOs speak for

When in reality they’re pissed off at the way
they’ve let themselves go

This was the exact same thing that stood in
the way of every

successful busy guy before entering
the LostFit Arena

Once they let their ego go

and finally ask for professional help

They experienced a new phenomenon..


Check em out here:


Logan ‘Just ask’ Henry

PS If you know deep down you’re frustrated
with the way things have gotten with your
overall body

and it’s effecting other areas in your life

Click Here:


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