My Un-Censored opinion on "Supplements" -

My Un-Censored opinion on “Supplements”

Flashing back to a question I had earlier this week…

The one saying…

“Hey if I take this fat burner..will I get rid of my belly fat?
(pretty much the first question I’m always asked)

The answer..


No you won’t

Let me explain my friend..

Too many times I see people looking for the “magic pill” or the quick fix..

I get it though, instant gratification is what we all desire

that’s why marketing has taken over the masses, making false promises that aren’t reality

Don’t get me wrong there are a few that I recommend..

but only if everything else is in check..

Let’s start from the bottom

You want to

**Lose Weight

**Get Lean


**Increase Confidence

**Increase intimacy with your better half or partner

**Have more energy to keep up with your loved ones

and pretty much

UNLEASH your BEST body ever


Than let’s take a look at your current REALITY

-What does your current training routine look like?

-What does your daily nutrition look like?

-What do your sleep habits look like?

-Are your stress levels under control?

-How about Hydration? (not talking booze here amigo)

^^^Answer all the above first


and only than

do supplements ever come into play..

by how much you say?

about 5%

That’s it..

See, supplements only aid you if everything else is on point..

Going through the endless motions at the gym just to check the box and say you did


Doing endless amounts of “cardio” (which I strongly recommend against, I explain more here)

is the first thing you need to fix

Something everyone knows within the LFIT family

Like Coaching Client Shaun P..

Before joining the LFIT Family, he had spent years trying to get in shape with little to no success

Now he’s killing it every week

In fact this week he’s surpassed his weekly fat loss goals

Saying “Every morning I get up the scale keeps getting lower and lower..!”

(more on his success in a future post, trust me it’s pretty awesome) 🙂

What’s different?

Quite Simple..

He stopped doing the same things day in and day out that were getting him nowhere..
And finally laid some ground work with the help of LostFit:

-Specific Training Protocol- designed to help accelerate fat loss and get results

-Specific Nutrition fit for his lifestyle and his end state goals

-Support from everyone within the LFIT FAM

-He’s sleeping like a baby

-Stress is under control

-Drinking water like a fish

And as far as supplements are concerned…

He’s aware there not the answer to his end state goals, but here’s the few that he does take

-Whey Protein Isolate (to help repair the tissue within the cells)

-High Potency Fish Oil (at least 3-5 grams of EPA and DHA)

-Multivitamin (or a healthy greens supplement)

-Glutamine (to support his immune function and overall digestive health)

-Essential Amino Acids (to help activate continued protein synthesis and help with repair)

^as for the last one in non science talk..

(basically to assist protein do more of the job it’s require to do..REPAIR)

That’s it my friend

No special fat burner

No “Magic” Pill

No quick fix

Are any of these truly necessary to take..?


As I said they only aid in performance and recover, but don’t solve the entire equation
And problems won’t be solved until something finally changes

Logan “Laying the Ground Work” Henry

PS Having trouble laying the ground work yourself? Apply for a Strategy Session so you can finally get a mapped out blueprint that fits your specific goals and

finally gets you back in the shape you want



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