He felt like the sweaty fat guy...

He felt like the sweaty fat guy…

Hey, Logan Henry here,

So recently, I spoke with a guy who reached out for support and he told me how he started to feel:

“Like the sweaty fat guy…”

Because every time he’d go into an important meeting that he found himself profusely sweating…

Mentioning “this never happened to me when I

was in shape…”

and this really started to affect his performance in work

thinking people were starting to perceive him as a slob, especially those he leads and the clients he interacts with on the day to day

Not to mention everything else he was


…how angry he was every time he went to put

clothes on because nothing fit him anymore

(even telling me how it’s costing him money

because he had to go out and buy a new sports

coat and larger pants)

…how he began to avoid going to important

public outings because of how uncomfortable he

felt in his clothes and how he carried


…how he saw recent photos of

himself and was completely disgusted because

he couldn’t even recognize himself anymore

…how lethargic he felt in important

meetings or just simply engaging with people

…how he felt like crap pretty much all the


…how he was sick of seeing his belly in the mirror

And the most frustrating thing…

He wanted to do something about it, but just

couldn’t figure out where he was going to find the

time, especially with his busy travel schedule

Especially with all the fit ‘gurus’ out there

that told him to get amazing results, he must:

– Sweat for countless hours in the gym

– Attend busy, vomit inducing crossfit style


– Kill himself with time-consuming

(and pain-inducing) workouts that

leave him sore for days

– Spend ages doing cardio

^^ Just reading that is exhausting

and for many of the men I work with, finding

the time to workout for hours on end is

literally impossible

usually because of their hectic schedules and busy careers,

and so because they think that they won’t see

any results without doing all that crazy


they either struggle to find the motivation

to get started

or they stick to it for 3 or 4 weeks and then give


because they think “if I’m not doing it

perfectly, then why bother!?”

and that leaves them frustrated with their

bodies, energy levels and shopping for

clothes and not living life to the fullest

Maybe you can relate?

What I want you to consider is that you don’t

need to be perfect to see incredible results

in the mirror

You just need to be CONSISTENT

and for busy men with a lot on their plates,

that’s only possible with workouts which are

simple and efficient

Which can be done from home in 12-24 minutes

Which don’t drain your energy levels

Which don’t leave you absolutely exhausted

and which deliver DRAMATIC results with the

least amount of time and effort

^^ this is what I do inside my program and

how I have guys transforming the way their

clothes fit and releasing 12-34lbs of fat in

90 days or less even with an almost impossible

schedule and a chaotic life 🙂

Consider consistency overrides variety only

but 100% of the time.

I hope that helps.

In your corner,


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