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Hey, That’s a Fact Jack

This is so true

Had a conversation with long time lfit member
Paul Betzen the other day on what stops most guys from
actually taking care of themselves or actually
getting help in the first place..

It has nothing to do with being

“too busy”


“not being able to afford it”


It all boils down to one simple fact my friend


99.9% of guys think they ‘Know it All’

(yet wonder why year after year, they continue to be
puzzled at why they can’t seem to get the results they want)

I’ll be the first to admit

I’ve struggled with this in my past as well

avoided asking for help even in the most crucial times
when I knew I needed it the most

Think about it for a sec

Regardless of the endeavor

The most successful people in the world
have coaches to get them to be able to make their goals
into a reality..

Who do you have?


and if you’re thinking ‘yeah well I’m just an average guy’

You’re selling yourself short my friend

If you’re reading these emails everyday, you’re far from average

Everyone has potential in them and once every guy within the LostFit family
discovered this is

They were limitless

All starting with struggles of their own:

-Not being able to keep up with their loved

-Body confidence was at an all time low

-Intimacy with their wife or partner wasn’t
what it used to be

-Performance in the work place wasn’t at it’s
highest level

Flash Forward to Now (Experiencing LostFit)




~Sexier (nothing wrong with bringing a little
sexy back)

~Performing at fully capacity in all areas of

Again, I understand

It’s hard to ask for help

the EGO speaks to you and says you
don’t need anyones help you’re the man..

Your EGO is a fraud and will only hurt you in
every aspect of your life

Be willing to let go and discover the right
path that will get you to where you want to

Discover your own by clicking HERE

PS If you’ve tried it all before, you value your time, you’re fed up, you’ve lost motivation, and you’re ready to make a serious change and commit to  a program

that will guarantee you results. Then let’s have a conversation to find out what’s currently holding you back from the results you want, so you can finally get in the shape you want, stress free Click below



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