The 25 Most Awesome Exercises that will Annihilate Your Spare Tire -

The 25 Most Awesome Exercises that will Annihilate Your Spare Tire

Tis the season to be Merry..

and for that reason my friend, I’m about to
lay upon you the gift that keeps on giving

Well at least the gift of:

Burning More Fat

Getting rid of your gut

Getting Healthier


Raising those testosterone levels of yours

Without further ado I give to you this:

25 of the Best Fat Loss Exercises to Lose
that Spare of yours for GOOD…

(full video  is below, but stay with me
here for a second)

Aside from losing that gut and all the
external benefits of getting in shape

Let me share something with you that will
give you the ability to show up in ALL areas
of your life at MAXIMUM capacity

Creating more POWER

Let me break things down for you my man

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how

relentless you might be..

There are a couple of key flaws that could be

stopping your progress my good man..

*You’re not following a periodized plan

If you don’t have a plan you will simply not

make progress.

Whether you want to “tone” up, lean out or
just get in overall better shape

Going through the motions will simply not get

you there. Something all the Modern Man
members are

fully aware of…

*You’re Not Challenging Yourself Enough

I don’t care if you have 20 minutes or 60

minutes to put towards exercise each day..

If you don’t challenge yourself by using

implementing some kind of strength training ,
varying your rep schemes, or

taking shorter rest periods..

Your fat will be in for the long haul and

won’t go anywhere

*Your Testosterone Levels aren’t Optimal

To purge that extra (unwanted) fat from your

body, high testosterone is important to keep

in check

For most clients I recommend at least twice

a week having a diet that is rich in fats

Especially the saturated ones..

Yes, saturated fats

As long as high quality fats aren’t mixed

with a high carbohydrate diet

(low carb on these days)

Than testosterone production will be
flourishing and so

will accelerated weight loss

fish oil high in epa and dha is a must as

—->3-5 grams per day

^^Not only will all of the above purge fat
loss, make you leaner, it will also help keep
things exciting in in the bedroom:)

* Your Sleep Cycle Sucks

I get it, Sleep..

No body has time for that..

You must get back on track though

6 hours minimum

7 is right on point

>>Mind Overwhelmed, work going crazy?

I’m right there with ya my friend

If this is the case..

Try supplementing with powdered magnesium

1 to 2 tsp and you will be relaxation mode

Trust me, your body will thank you for it

*You’re addicted to Cardio

People think

to tone up, get lean, and lose those unwanted pounds that they should just

Ramp up my cardio..


Try instead to hit Weights 2-3x a week (or this video below will hands down trump any kind of cardio you’ve done before )

Another option for you if you have a dire need to run for some reason

Then stick to


These could be the very things holding you

back from change..

With a little tweak and some consistency,

Change is bound to occur


Or you could just break through all the guess
work, speed things up

and follow the simple way..

The LostFit Way:

Logan ‘Tis the season to be leaner’ Henry

PS The 25 Best Exercises for Fat Loss are
captured in this video below

Pick from 5 Different Exercises

Do them all in a row for a duration of 40
seconds each

Then take 10 seconds of break before going
into the next exercise

Take 1 minute rest after each round (after
you complete all 5 exercises in a row)

Complete 4 Rounds Total

Did this help you?

If so let me know by reaching out to me at

PPS Now I understand if you haven’t worked out in a while and the thought of even doing a quick routine like the one above can come off as quite intimidating, but not to fret my friend

I put together a full 2 week all bodyweight plan for you to follow so you can get in shape without having to spend endless hours in the gym and ease you back into the routine of working out.

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