How eating LESS is actually making you FATTER -

How eating LESS is actually making you FATTER

The temptation is real my friend


To turn your head from it is almost

Damn near


What in the world do I speak of today..

Non other then the news..

We love bad news and the media knows this

So their stories are only out there for your

Rather then keeping you informed on the positive..

Just like the other day I heard something
so obnoxious that I had to clear some things up for you

Here’s what was said:

“Our country is suffering from a ‘weight-loss’ problem”

Wrong-O my friend

Thousands of people lose weight or get results every year

The issue at hand..

The results are never



Which is usually the number one thing I see before
people come on board within the LostFit Elite

See, Society has driven people to believe that in order
to get results they must first

“Starve Themselves”

This train of thought holds true to everyone
I come across who wants to

Transform their bodies
and sustain their results for good

They think

“The less I eat, the more I Lose”

^^^Wrong my friend

Their bodies have adapted to the state
they’ve been in for the last several years..

(overweight and out of shape)

So when they began trying to slice calories
to an alarming low level..

Progress came to halt and fat was there to

or worse..

Double from when they initially began trying

to get back into shape..

(discover why in the video I created below)


They stepped into the LFit Arena and began to
have it all..

-Daily checks with their food intake to make
sure they we’re held ACCOUNTABLE and learned
how to eat properly

-A mapped out nutrition plan SPECIFICALLY
catered to them and their lifestyles giving
them strategies to eat what they loved

-Weekly progress reports to make sure they
know their progressing and getting rapid

-Constant support from all the other members
inside the LFit team (it’s like a giant
family that doesn’t leave anyone behind)

Once on board, things began to CHANGE..

Experiencing it ALL

Something different

Something exciting


Most Important of all

Something sustainable

All by hopping on board here:

Up to you to make the ultimate decision

Logan “Stop Starving Yourself” Henry

PS: That video I was telling you about to help you

out can be found here:



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