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OH, that’s why.

I’ll say this



Over again…

What do you want?


I want to _______________

Ok, sounds good


It can be a difficult question to answer in
pretty much any area of life

Take example setting goals for your body

and the shield that holds you back…

==>Shedding the pounds

==>Having more confidence

==>Better sex with your partner

==>Doubling your energy levels

==>Becoming a role model for your loved ones


==>Finally showing up as the most POWERFUL

Of YOU in ALL areas of your life

Not only for yourself but the ones you love
the MOST

Just a few things that lie deep behind the
meaning of change

Your goal and what you ultimately want to

Might be far different from another
individuals goal

But the ONE thing that will always hold true
for everyone including you is..

Your WHY

And when I asked recent LostFit elite member
Tanner G. the same question

He struggled a bit

See, Tanner knew he wanted to better his
overall body

And his ability to perform throughout
everyday life at a higher level

I mean with a

Business to Run

And a family to support

The last thing he wants is to be falling
behind on is health

So as I spoke with Tanner the other day getting
back in shape wasn’t about vanity


Any other surface goal that like ‘getting
toned or leaner’

Heck most would look at the guy and say

‘Hey he seems alright, why does he need to


He knows that with a new child on the way

And a team to run every day that he must lead
by example

He mentioned:

“It’s not just about me taking care of my
body, it’s about being the role model I
want to become for my kids and all the guys
at work”

Hands down I knew he was the perfect fit for
the group

Looking past the quick fix and the road of

I know no matter what happens throughout his
transformation journey

Whatever obstacle he might face

Whatever stresses might come up at work or
home life

He will hands down be UNSTOPPABLE

How do I know this..?

Because his ‘WHY’ is so powerful


He proved it by being committed

And continuing on with his journey through


Logan ‘Why’ Henry

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