How to save time (and beat procrastination) -

How to save time (and beat procrastination)

So as I’m writing this to you, it’s taken me
a good 15 to 20 minutes to get things going.

And, hell…

Somedays it takes me even longer.

You ever had days like this?

Even after you indulge in a strong cup of
coffee..maybe two.

An hour passes by and you still haven’t
accomplished a thing.

Well, you’re in luck, my man.

Today I’m going to drop on you some time
bombs so you can manage your time better and
CONQUER your day.

Time Hacks 101

1.) Time Yourself

Think of it like back in the day when you had
to take a test for something. Normally you were given about a solid hour to complete it
and that was it.

Well, similar concept appliesĀ here.

Except in my experience chunking things down
into small blocks works way better.

For example:

Set a Timer for 30 Minutes and once your alarm goes off…

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Take a non-negotiable 5 to 10-minute break.
Walk around or do whatever you want.

This works wonders considering you and I have
the attention span of that of a goldfish. (sucks I know)

2.) Set A Deadline & Reward Yourself

You ever wonder why you get more shit done
before you go on vacation than any other

It’s simply because you have a deadline that
creates urgency in you to light a fire under
your ass to get things done so you don’t have
to deal with it on vacation.

The reward, in this case, is the vacation.

But, let’s say you’re not going on vacation.

All good.

Set a fake deadline then.

Even if a certain work project
isn’t do for another 6 months. Condense time
even further and make it to where it’s a must
for you to get ahead of things in half the
time instead of waiting till the very last

Then reward yourself by doing one thing you
love the most. Could be as simple as treating yourself to
a badass action flick.

Whether it be small or big, always be willing
to celebrate your wins.

Bonus: Yes, my friend. I decided to throw a
little bonus one in here for you.

***Focus on the ONE thing.

Often times when you’re living life in the
fast lane or producing at a high level you
need to make it a priority to cut down on your
typical ‘To Do’ List.

When you focus on one thing, this allows you
to focus on strategic moves that will take
you in the direction you need to go without
having you piss around on stuff that doesn’t
serve you or take you one step closer to your

So there you have it, my man.

Just a few tricks of the trade that I live by
to manage time and get a lot done in very
little time.

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There is also other vital key concepts that I
teach the men inside the LostFit Elite that
allows them to condense time and accomplish
more inside a 90 day period of time than most
have in the last 9 months.

And, I’m not just talking physical here.

We go across the board.

Better Body

Better Relationships

Better Mindset

Better Business/Career

Showing up as 4-dimensional men.

Logan ‘Time Master’ Henry

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