They're watching you -

They’re watching you

So as you may know (or not)

A couple months back I had a business trip
out to Sunny San Diego, California

Pretty much a meeting of the minds per say…


While I was there it seemed as if I was on a
different planet

Everyone there was constantly on the move

I’m talking from Old School Rollerbladers to
Dogs on Skateboards

Things were a little different over in these neck
of the woods

Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely not a
bad thing

Just different than what I’m used to0 seeing

It almost reminded me of the movie

“The Truman Show”

And if you haven’t seen it

Jim Carrey plays a guy that is watched
by big brother himself throughout his entire

Everyone from the mailman to the local
supermarket clerk knows his life story and is
always watching him…

Creepy, eh?

I bring this to your attention because there’s a vital lesson in here for you

>When going after anything in your life, how

many times have you stopped short?

Be honest…


“Well, no one’s watching, this will do”

For example:

Let’s say you set out to get in a quick

You had a set plan in front of you that said
complete 3 rounds total

But instead, you opted to only finish 2…

Now, I know this is small

But I’d have you consider even backing out of
small things like completing that extra round

Is only cheating yourself and if done
enough.. will begin to flow over into other
areas of your life

Relationships, Work, Mindset…You name it

You will begin to train your brain that it’s
OK not complete what you said you would do

If you can’t handle the non-subjective nature
of simply completing a workout

Don’t be surprised when other areas of your
life don’t show up as you would like them to

I say this because I’ve experienced this in
my life as well

So my question for you is this:

Where in your life are you currently not
going all in because you think no one is

And your mission…

Find the plan of attack you’ve been stopping
short on and be willing to go ALL in

Just like these men did inside this video

Logan ‘The Watchmen’ Henry

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