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We have a problem

To state that this past weekend wasn’t a wild
one would be an understatement

I had the honor of being a groomsman for a
good buddy of mine’s wedding..

Great People

Crazy good food

Liquid Gold flowing to the max


Might I add we had on the most bad ass
classic tuxes ever known to man..well at
least the I’ve ever worn (que 007 music)


Half way through the ceremony (literally
before the bride got to read her vowels)

It started to down pour..big time

and if you know how special that day is,
especially for the bride..

You would have thought that pure chaos would
have unleashed..

Surprisingly, complete opposite happened

Everyone gathered together under a tiny porch
(all 110 of us)

and made the best of the situation at hand

We ended up dancing the night away

and memories were made..

So what in the world does this have to do
with you and finally getting the results you
want inside of your own body

Let me explaineth mi amigo

Often times I hear people say things to me

“Well, I can’t make it to workout because
things are to stressful at work”


“Things have just been to crazy on the
homefront, I haven’t got the time to workout”

I will tell you right now

That stress

Will always be inevitable

It will never go away

Whether you’re trying to level up your body
by shedding some pounds


Just be content with couch surfing your life

Stress will ALWAYS exist

Therefore excuses are invalid

and they’re simply just justified stories
you’ve created inside your own head

What if today you just simply executed

and did what you said you would do last week

By doing ONE thing

That will move you a step closer to the
person you want to be

Regardless of how stressed you might be


How ‘unlucky’ your circumstances are

Just take one step to moving forward today

and remember this

In the end life’s not about waiting for the
storm to pass, its about learning to dance in
the rain

You can stop waiting for the storm to pass
and finally take charge of your life

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the same daily struggles as you, but have the
support to get through when shit gets rough

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Logan ‘Rain Dancer’ Henry

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