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Where are you at?

So far…

Seriously, where you at right now?

We are done with the first quarter of the

The first 90 days of the year have come and gone

Winter is over

Spring is here

And Summer is just around the corner

I guess what I’m trying to ask you is…

Have all those resolutions you made come to
come to fruition, yet?

Have you accomplished the things you said you

Dropped the weight you said you would? Got
back in shape like you wanted…

Took control of lowering your overall stress
levels and increasing your energy?

Became the role model you want your little
ones and colleagues to see you as?

If the answer is hands down a hell yes..

Then I commend you my friend

If it’s a straight up NO

There’s still time

But there isn’t time to think about it..

Only time to actually START

Because though this might sound harsh

This here:

If you really want to know what the rest of
this year of your life will look like for
you, take a look at the past few months

Sure, a little harsh maybe

But again, it’s the truth that shall set you
free, my man

Which likely means that the rest of this year
won’t be any different for you

And could very well resemble something close
to last year

Stop for a second…

Think back to the past few years that you
told yourself and probably everyone else that
you were actually going to change..

See a pattern?

If you haven’t reached the results you want

Then the only thing you need to do at this
moment is

Just Start


Go another 9 months feeling



Fed Up



The reality is

If you actually take the next step and start

You are ahead of everyone else who just faded
out 3 weeks into the year with the intent to
change and says things like

‘This year will be different’

But end up throwing in the towel to early
never do anything about it..

Meaning you can gain automatic momentum

and the rest of the year gets better then
when you started…

My recommendation?

This here: https://logan-henry.com/exploration

Coach Logan Henry

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