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I wish I hadn’t…

This is the one thing that no one wants to

And it’s the number one thing I’ve heard from
busy guys in terms of why they want to make
a change for the better in their lives


No one ever wants to look back and regret the
very things they knew they had control over

But never actually did anything about it

See, our thoughts of “what if” always stop us
from progressing further in any area of

(But of course no one talks about this in the
area of transformation or health..Always
being happy clappy about everything)

Remember, to get what you want out of life
it’s not about what you have to do, but more
on who you have to become…

So, I’m not going to water things down for
you and tell you what you want to hear

Only what you NEED to hear…

There are two initial problems I see before
guys enter the LostFit coaching realm

1) Their EGO has held them back

2) They’re terrified of FAILURE

Often saying

“I don’t need help, I got this on my own”
(I’m curious, then why has nothing changed?)

“I feel guilty leaving my loved ones behind
during the week”

“My partner doesn’t want me to” (not because
they don’t love them, but because they feel
they’ll be left behind if things change)

“I can’t afford to” (most can’t afford not

^^I’ll tell you now, you will never progress
in your transformation journey or reach the
goals you want in life until you take care of
the above

All these “Fears” you have aren’t real,
they’re a false reality that your mind is

And this is exactly what I teach to all the
guys within the LostFit Elite Family

We remove the STORIES they keep telling

Breaking it down into the 3 S’s

*Strategy (giving them the direction,
association, and ACCOUNTABILITY to completely
change not only their bodies, but all areas
of life)

*Story (mindsets are altered in order to
remove all the limiting beliefs they had and
help them overcome all the struggles they’ve
been facing)

*State (they go through an experience at
LFIT, not just some mundane routine..if
you’re going to make great change, you might
as well enjoy the process)

Once all 3 areas are covered

Massive action begins to take place and
results rapidly ACCELERATE

Because if they stay unhappy with their
bodies and overall health

Everything else in their lives suffer..





It’s almost like having the emergency brake
on while driving…

You’re trying to gain speed but..

All you do is go extremely slow and
eventually break down

But when you finally realize what’s happening
you begin to take the Brakes off

You begin to go faster and are no longer held

Same goes for limiting beliefs

Once lifted you begin to achieve things you
never thought you could

All the effort in the world will do nothing
without these 3 changes

So if you’re ready to step up and get the
fastest results possible…

Leave your EGO behind

CONQUER your fears

Believe in yourself


Completely DOMINATE in all areas of life

Go here: https://logan-henry.com/exploration

If nothing changes, you stay exactly as you

Letting your current stories dictate your
overall happiness


In weeks time you can start feeling great
about your overall outlook on life and health

Logan ‘No Regrets’ Henry

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