An Elite Transformation -

An Elite Transformation

In the summer of 2013 actor Jamie Costa had 2 months to transform into an incredible super hero. Through hard work, consistency, and the guidance of Lostfit he prevailed. Check out this interview I had with him to discuss his overall transformation process.

Since this is a flashback get out there and get on the gridiron with your superhuman abilities:

Today’s Workout:

8X60 YRD Sprints: 20 sec rest

10X70 YRD Sprints: 30 sec rest

12X100 YRD Sprints: 40 sec rest

6X25 Push-Ups SS 50 YRD sprints SS 25 Jump Squats SS 50 YRD sprints SS 50 Mountain Climbers: 60 sec rest

Grind on,

Logan Henry

By the way,

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