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5 Things You Keep Doing (and Why They’re Killing Your Results)

‘Well they say if you do this that you will get this…”

A classic saying that I’m sure you’ve heard uttered by someone somewhere before.

Regardless of the topic…

People believe ‘they’ are right, and with all the nonsense tossed around in the health and wellness arena, it’s hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Because in all reality…

Who the hell is ‘they’ and how are you certain they’re right?

Let’s cut the small talk, break through the B.S. and get this party started, my good friend:

5 Things You Keep Doing (and Why They're Killing Your Results)

1) Eating the majority of your carbs at Breakfast

Most fitness peeps or gurus will have you believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Far from it.

It’s actually the LEAST important meal of the day and you should consider saving that lumberjack
appetite, of yours for later in the day.

More on this in this article I wrote over here: https://logan-henry.com/wakey-wakey/

2) Eating every 3 hours to jumpstart your metabolism

Listen up, my good man.

You stoke your metabolism by training EFFECTIVELY.

Thinking a quick 10 min jog on the elliptical and eating every 3 hours will fire up your metabolism is a great pipe dream but it’s FAR from reality.

3) Eating solid food (or having a big pre-workout meal before you train)

Unless you plan on heading straight to the toilet the moment you begin to train…

I’d hold off on that meal for later.

4) Doing tons of cardio to burn fat

If I was the ruler of all gyms…

I would personally put a ban on all ellipticals or mundane cardio equipment that doesn’t serve you justice in terms of getting you the results you’re after.

Unless you’re trying to escape from post-apocalyptic zombies, doing a ton of cardio is not the best way to burn fat.

So STOP with the constant running.

5) Eating after 6pm will make you fat

This one literally takes the cake for the biggest piece of B.S. I’ve heard.

You will actually see better results if you push your boundaries and start eating like a real human being, even if it’s at 9pm at night.

If you want to show up as a confident, more ATTRACTIVE you (especially with your partner) then please, take a moment and consider steering clear of these 5 dogmas that have held you back from the results you’re after.

In Strength,

Coach Logan

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