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9 Reasons You Won’t Reach Your Body, Business, or Lifestyle Goals

Looking for the ‘perfect plan’ instead of just
making things HAPPEN?

I’m afraid to tell you that perfect plan isn’t coming, my man.

And I’ll have you consider that perfectionism is just another form of

It’s not that you can’t lose weight, develop an unbeatable mind, better your relationships, or increase your business at a fast pace, it’s doing it right AND making these results last.

If you’re currently stuck in a rut across any area of life, here
are 9 reasons why progress isn’t happening.

1.) You’re efficient, but not effective.

You might have the motives in play to get things done fast, but
producing results isn’t about just doing things fast.

It’s about executing and effectively choosing to do the¬†right things¬†that will take you one step closer towards your goals.

2.) You’re a collector.

You’re constantly collecting information from books, articles, workshops, seminars, etc…

But, never executing.

I’ll have you consider information doesn’t equal transformation.

3.) Your habits aren’t in check.

You are not changing 1-2 habits at a time
and taking on a huge chunk only to find it
unsustainable. Prove to yourself you can do
smaller things first and build up to more
complex. (or more habits at once)

4.) You’re not consistent.

You lack consistency. Jump on one plan here or another there, but with no real plan in place or consistency, you must not question why you’re not getting results.

5.) You place blame on everything else (but yourself).

You don’t accept responsibility. You blame time/advice/genetics
before inconsistency and not doing behaviors that are in line
with your goals.

6.) You don’t have any accountability.

You are not accountable to anyone and
keep asking yourself why you fall off from
being compliant.

7.) You measure the wrong thing.

You’re measuring outcomes, not actions.

You can’t always control outcomes because of
genetics, variability, etc. but you can
control the actions that lead you to the
outcomes! Focus on the things you DO on a
daily vs. constantly checking your progress
and losing track of the actions that achieve
the goal.

8.) You’re not in a supportive environment.

Not having a support group and positive
environment. Environment is everything along
with the people that surround you and support
you (or in many cases, you’re surrounded by
people that DON’T support you – all the above
will be hard to overcome in that type of

9.) You wait.

You wait for 100% readiness.

Instead of just executing when you’re 80% ready.

Stop getting ready to get ready.
There you have it, my man.

9 reasons why you won’t reach your body, business,
or lifestyle goals.

Unless that is you finally stop waiting and
start doing.

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