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Why this really grinds my gears (to the nth degree)

You might say this at work

You might say this at home

You might say this when you’re going after a
certain endeavor

like transforming your body…

What it is that you keep saying that really
frustrates me

The term:

‘Good Enough’

^think about this one for a second my friend

Good comes down to being a positive

Enough = a negative

You’re preaching one thing, but doing another

Nothing is ever good enough..

You’re either growing (moving towards your


You’re contracting ( settling or letting
things slip worse than they already are)

What do I mean by this?


Every time you set out to reach a certain


A goal

Let’s use your body in this case

You need a clear understanding of where it is
you’re currently at right now

and what you truly want (the results you’re

Let’s break it down in a 90 day format…

So, where are you at right now?

(grab a pen and write this down…I’ll wait)




Ok, now that you know where you’re at

What is it that you ultimately want to


^if your why isn’t strong enough, you will
give up the moment times get tough

What’s the story you need to drop in your
head as to why you can’t reach this goal?

And saying things like

‘It ain’t so bad’


‘I don’t care, I’m fine being fat and happy’

This is simply you justifying things once

and comparing yourself to the average peeps
around you who have let themselves go

Thinking to yourself

“At least I haven’t let myself go that bad”

Back to your goals

What is that you truly want to accomplish?

Re-engineer exactly how you’ll get there in a
90 day format

Bench marking at





After 30, reassess things..

How do you know if you’re on track?

Be honest with yourself

No where near your target goals just yet?

What is it that you need to do to catch up on
hitting these goals?

If you don’t go back to these bench marks

You will only begin to eradicate

Leaving you only to blame others for your

And if you read my posts before..

I know that’s not you

More than ‘good enough…?’

if so

This here is perfect for you:


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