How To Drop Weight (Almost Instantly) -

How To Drop Weight (Almost Instantly)

“I was a little surprised by the whole
‘fasting thing’ in the morning, but I must
say I’m loving it…”

Words uttered by LostFit Elite member
Dusty Garus.

And come to think of it…

I usually have the same similar response from every
busy guy that comes into the LostFit coaching

They’ve been brainwashed by the media and
other so-called ‘health gurus.’

That hands down if you want results in
dropping that unwanted body fat…

You must eat breakfast.

Well, I am here to tell you that’s simply BS
my good man.

Let me drop some knowledge on you for a
sec on why I recommend you as a busy guy should
start fasting for at least the first few hours in the day.

Here goes:

1.) Morning Time Fast = Higher Testosterone

2.) Morning Time Fast = High Levels

of Growth Hormone equaling out to more lean,
defined (not bulky) muscle and a lot LESS fat.

3.) Morning Time Fast = Optimized Hormone
Production for Rapid Results.

4.) Morning Time Fast = Increased Insulin Sensitivity, better leptin levels, leading to one Faster

So there you have it…

Just a few reasons why I think you should consider a slight fast within
the early morning hours of the day so you can get your body in a prime state to burn body fat.

NOTE: There is no one size fits all for everyone. Give it a try for up to 48 hours and if you’re not a fan of it, then I’d recommend kicking your day off with a high protein and moderate fat meal such as this one in this video below here:

I hope this helps.

But, remember my good man…

Information does NOT = Transformation

A True Transformation that leaves you

*FEELING confident within your body so you
can become a great example of self-worth for
your kids and loved ones

*FEELING like iron man when you look in the
mirror and know that you’re there at the top of
your game to provide security for you family

*FEELING that has your wife or partner
finding you attractive (again), leading to
better sex and finally being in the best
shape of your life

*FEELING accomplished because you now get
more done in less time, improved your focus,
and increased your capacity to make more

That’s what I call true transformation.

These positive side effects are all too
familiar for all the busy guys that are within
the LostFit Elite Family.

And if you want to experience the same results for yourself then click HERE and I’ll reach out to you soon.

Coach Logan

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