Is it true (what they say about you) -

Is it true (what they say about you)

Picture this..

You woke up out of a deep slumber

and for the first time

you actually felt great..

Not rundown

Not stressed

Not overweight

Just at all time high for finally having your
health in check

and your body looking better than ever

As you finish your morning shower

You look back at your reflection in the

and notice how much more fit, toned, and
defined you are

Yes your lovely wife or partner noticed to…

She drags you back in bed for another good
ole round of bedroom olympics

It’s now a standard morning routine for you..

Then you began your day with POWER

Hitting a super efficient workout

that you actually ENJOYED

All do to the fact that you are now in shape

and it feels incredible

After that you feel pretty much UNSTOPPABLE

Like a super-human

and your kids see you as their own super hero

(powerful, vibrant, and possessing traits
that no where near resemble that of a couch

You can run laps around them outside in the
yard, keep up with them during any physical
activity, and never run short of breath again
all because you are now super-human

You are able to produce more within your
business or career because your energy has
now gone through the roof

and you can get more done in 4 hours of time
then most do in 8

You no longer crash mid way through the day
because you’re alert, focused, and clear
about the actions that need to take place

Your colleagues now see you as an incredible
role model

Someone who’s confident, powerful, and is in
full control of his health

They must be around you..

You’re always smiling, upbeat, and walking

They want that awesomeness to rub off on

After a long day

You are now able to come home to your loved

Be fully present, energized, and are no
longer crashing out early

As the night comes to a close, you notice
your wife or partner checking you out (again)

And gives you the hint that she wants the day
to end just as good as it began

You stare at the ceiling with a slight smirk
on your face

Knowing that it was a damn good day, once

—>Sometimes in order to get what we want
out of life we must first visualize what life
would be like if we took time to show up at
our BEST

This is the EXACT side-effects that you will
experience once you take the time to invest
in yourself

Ready now?

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Logan ‘The Vision’ Henry





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