Its natural so don't worry about it too much -

Its natural so don’t worry about it too much

“Not sure how your program works, but I was
wondering if there was some type of buddy

^^This was said by new LostFit
Elite family member Craig F

See, Craig tried the whole solo man thing for
a while

but could never get to a point where
he could get results that actually lasted

Plus he mentioned he truly needed someone to
hold him accountable..

So sir Craig was in search of a buddy system

And as is so happens LostFit has its own
unique buddy system..

I like to call it

MAXIMUM Association

Being able to associate with busy men who are
on a mission to have better bodies that will
ultimately lead to better lives

because let’s be honest

No one likes going through their journey of
change alone..

But I get it..

You might be..




Maybe even terrified at the thought of even
joining such a thing..

Thinking to yourself..

‘Will I be the fattest one there..?’

‘Will I be able to keep up with everyone..?

‘Will I just be making a fool of myself..?

It’s ok to feel this way my friend

It’s normal

but I can tell you right now everyone who
enters the LostFit coaching arena both in person
and online starts at their own pace..

Regardless of where you’re at right now

No one gets left behind and everyone is

Plus, there are no ‘know it alls’ or ‘arrogant
assholes’ up in here

That’s precisely why everyone goes through
the application process

You are guided through step-by-step system in
both a comfortable and non-intimidating

Unlike most programs where they expect you to
hammer yourself in the ground without paying
attention to where it is your currently at
(don’t even get me started on the whole
crossfit scene)

You will be taken from a state of





Fed Up





More POWERFUL to handle everyday challenges

All it take is ONE decision

because one decision can change it all

Craig decided simply by going through here:
Logan “Ultimate Association” Henry

PS I’ve been telling you for a bit now that

incredible transformation story is about to

be shared soon.

And that story is almost here, patience my

In the mean time you can catch the insane

before & after of the man himself over here

Click HERE to get a sneak peak of this

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