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Lessons from Gene (Not for the easily offended)

At 6 foot 2

Always wearing seven inch dragon skull
platform shoes

Silver armor

and make up that’s bound to scare a grown man..

Gene Simmons is an iconic Rock figure

and successful entrepreneur that stands by
his own way of thinking

I got to catch a glimpse of his antics the
other night by watching a recent interview he
did with Dan Rather..

I pulled out some serious gold dust from this
interview my friend

and one thing in particular was that Simmons
couldn’t stand people who only had excuses
about everything in life

Not liking those who constantly blamed others
for their own failures..

You know

‘always playing the victim’

I couldn’t agree more

Too many times people tend to point fingers
as to why they can’t get what they want out
of life..

Now let’s take a second and apply this to the
reasoning behind

Why it is you can’t get in the shape you

‘I just don’t have the time’


‘I’ve already tried everything, nothing seems
to work for me

or my favorite

‘It’s easy for everyone else, I’m different’

These are nothing but excuses..

Stories that you keep telling yourself (and
others) over and over again

Just to justify why you can’t achieve certain
goals in your life

Take into consideration that everyone that
comes through the LostFit coaching arena had
the same initial stories

but guess what..

They took a chance and instead of making

They took ACTION

Is it all rainbows and sunshine every day..?

Absolutely NOT

They live busy lives just like you

They have days that suck and can’t be
bothered just like you

but throughout everything they know exactly
why it is they began their journey in the
first place

Guys like Shaun Payne

Who constantly lives life in the fast lane,
between work and family life..

Yet still pulled off dropping around 55
pounds of body fat and is now comfortably
sitting around 7 percent body fat with ease

Which in case you missed this yesterday here
he is..just click HERE


My man Paul Betzen

Successful business owner, loving father, and
husband as well

ALWAYS on the go and time is always a

After several weeks of being consistent with
everything he’s now down close to 10% percent
in body fat

Looking leaner and leaner each week..

So yeah

If you look past the long tongue and whole
man in drag get up

Gene is the man


Just like him

I’m not a fan of those who make excuses..

Only those who take ACTION

Just like everyone is doing inside the
LostFit coaching arena

They started their transformation journey by simply

going through here:


Logan ‘You’re better than that’ Henry

PS The strategy session is to give you an exact blueprint from where you are right now to where

you ultimately want to go for Free

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