New Section: Lost Conditioning -

New Section: Lost Conditioning

Lost Conditioning is a New Section added inside the Lostfit Member Section. It will feature intense conditioning complexes that range from bodyweight complexes to barbell complexes. Conditioning must be acquired if you want to obtain the elite physique. These workouts will always challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone and will never be the same. Reach your full potential both physically and mentally today! Not a member, no problem, click here to learn more. Below is an example of a Barbell Complex that is featured amongst many inside Lost Conditioning.

1) Front Squat- 5 X 8 Reps (Challenging Weight)
2) Standing Barbell Press- 5X8
3) Bent over Barbell Row- 5×8
4) Deadlifts- 5X8
5 Rounds- 60 sec rest between each round

About the Author Logan Henry