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Punched in the face

What a feeling

Crazy how much difference a year can make eh

How did yours go?



In all fairness that doesn’t really matter
now does it

Made me think back to this:

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that
we’re free to do anything.”

Words uttered by the infamous Tyler Durden
from the movie Fight club..

In other words it’s about..

Seizing the day.

Carpe Diem..

Showing how many people originally set goals
in their lives, but get distracted from
irrelevant FEARS


end up in a continuous cycle of mediocrity

Allow me to explain myself my friend




All come down to the consistent choices made
in your everyday life

If you are to concerned on

Self sabotage


Making Excuses

Procrastinating on anything in your life…

Than you must get clear


and do something to turn things around

If you are not happy with the current state
of your body, start a new exercise program

If you feel down, make an effort to do
something you love at least ten minutes a day

If you feel stressed, kick back and have some
YOU time (all in good taste of course)

If you don’t enjoy healthy foods, start by
taking small steps and keeping balance within
your diet (you’d be surprised on what you can
get away with, while still getting lean)

The bottom line is this..

The things that we RESIST the most out of the
life are the exact things that will PROVIDE
the most

You can choose to stay where you are by
telling yourself lies like:

“I don’t have time”


“I’m different than the others, nothing will
work for me”

Or you can finally create a difference in
you’re life a change for the better and
actually be who YOU really want to be

Simply by taking the next step here:


Yours truly,

Coach Logan

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