This ruined me... -

This ruined me…

I’m back at again

I’ve been off of them for quite some time now,
but the other day I had to indulge in just a

Not sure where your heads at right now my man…but, I’m talking about TED talks here

In case you’ve been living under a rock

TED talks are short vids that pack a huge
punch in powerful information from influential
people who dare to think different…

A new one popped on the scene that I
couldn’t resist watching

It was by a man named Tim Urban


“Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator”

To keep a long story short

Tim explained how throughout his life he
would continuously save important task to be
completed to the very last minute

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry I’ve been guilty of this as well


He continued to explain his theory on how the
brain of a procrastinator works

Simply put…

There’s Mr. Rational Decision Maker that’s
pretty much taken over by a little bastard
known as the instant gratification monkey

The instant gratification monkey focuses on 2

Easy and Fun

If we lived life as a dog or a hippy

This sort of behavior would be fine to experience all
the time

But it’s a little more difficult to function
like this in the crazy world that you and I
live in

By now you’re probably thinking what’s this
got to do with me? (hold tight, as I’m about
to explain)

See, Tim had written a piece on
procrastination before, hence why he was
invited to speak in the first place

And this piece resonated with a lot of
people from all different backgrounds, but
not in the way he thought

The messages he received were about how
procrastination ruined people’s lives

Shocked by the responses

Tim determined that there were 2 types of

Type 1– short term procrastination which is
ruled by deadlines (i.e projects or reports

Type 2– long term procrastination which is
more free flowing and effects things outside
of your career like

-Seeing loved ones

-Exercising and taking care of your health

-Working on relationships

And it’s the long term one that’s never
talked about

It’s suffered in silence

And can result in unhappiness and regret

Making some feel they’ve been simply a
spectator throughout life, not because they
weren’t able to accomplish their goals

But because they couldn’t even start

Sure, every one of us has procrastinator
tendencies, me included

But it’s the ones without deadlines that
suffer the most

That’s exactly why every busy guy I coach has
a set deadline to achieve their goals

Otherwise, they would place no urgency on
themselves and just end up going in circles
trying to get a quick hit from the instant
gratification monkey

A quick-fix per say…

Something you won’t find in here:


Logan Henry- Master Transformational Coach

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