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Just a little bit selfish there don’t ya think?

I’ve got a big day ahead of me so I’ll keep
this short and sweet today my friend


It’s often frowned upon as a bad thing

and it’s also something I hear from guys all
the time

Feeling guilty for wanting to take care of
themselves and get back into better shape

Afraid of what others might think..

See, we often tend to put others before

but as time goes on

If you continue to neglect your greatest

That which is YOU

Your ability to show up for others will
become much more of a challenge

The biggest gift you can give ANYONE is the
gift of your own happiness

^let that sink in for a moment

Your family, friends, partner, colleagues


You can’t give what you don’t have. So if
you’re stressed, out of shape, tired, lacking confidence,
and truly unhappy

You will not be able to show up for those you
care for the most in your life for very

Making you a priority first is ESSENTIAL

Not Selfish..

It takes courage

because at the end of the day

The BETTER you are

The better everyone you care about is

and why wouldn’t anyone want that?

Truth be told

It’s never to late to start

Just like these guys did over here:


Till tomorrow


PS I bring this to your attention because of

a Facebook post that elite member

Elliott Summey posted the other day

It’s inspiring

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