Silent but deadly -

Silent but deadly

It’s here to stay

It’s inevitable

And It will never go away

Whether you’re trying to level up your body
by shedding some pounds


Just be content with couch surfing your life


Will always exist

I bring this to your attention because stress
is always a factor amongst every busy guy I

From crazy work life to the home front

Not every day is all rainbows and unicorns

And it’s something I can relate to, but it’s
something that MUST be controlled

Let me explain

See, I like to think of stress as like the
“silent killer”

Literally…everything from





Excessive Weight Gain


Lack of Focus


Lack of Sex Drive (who wants that?)

All trickle down as a side-effect from being

I can’t tell you how many guys I come across
who try to put this issue on the back burner
thinking they can just ‘ride it out’

Goes to show why the area of health and
wellness is the most under invested area in
the world today and obesity is increasing at
alarming rates

Think of it like a return on your investment
for your entire life

Getting a high yield of incredible results in
all areas of life





**Sex Life

How do you do this?

Take care of the one thing you have control
over that will have you producing at your
highest level

And will be your biggest player
when it comes to predictable and sustainable


For example:

Let’s say you have a really nice high end

It has every bell and whistle known to man

And it’s literally your man child (seriously,
I know guys who would put there life on the
line for their cars)

Let’s say you begin to hear a noise or you
know something is off

You wouldn’t sit around pondering what’s

No, you’d set up an appointment
immediately to get it looked at

Because you know if you don’t act soon that there will be a much bigger cost in the long run

You’d take it into the experts who you know
will provide quality and have the solution to
your problem

Sure, you can be the guy who ‘wings’ it or
ask your buddy if he has any tips

But you can’t expect world-class results when
you try to cut corners and go the cheap route

You only live life once my friend

Do it right

And once is all you’ll need

If you’re ready to step up your game and
FINALLY produce the results you want in your

Let me show you how:

Logan ‘Stress Killer’ Henry

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