This goes for you too -

This goes for you too

“I don’t want to get big and bulky..just
toned and a bit leaner..”

^^The same thing I hear often from most people
in most all of my strategy sessions.. where I
access where someone is at and give them a
step by step blueprint to take them to where
they ultimately want to go

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Where was I..

O yeah

The whole don’t get big and bulky thing..

It’s a common fear that most have
because they don’t want to come across as
some grotesque bodybuilder..(which is

See, but most our confused on exactly what I that I take people

modern day working professionals, regardless of where they’re currently at
and help them lose the poundages and look
more of that of an athlete..

Because in my mind..

If you got a’re an athlete

Now you might not be as vibrant as you once
were or you might have never been an athlete

and hell you might be out of shape to the
point that even thinking of the term athlete
makes you wince..

but fear not my friend

I’m going to break down the phase of fat
loss for you so you can understand exactly
what goes when your body starts to go
through some changes..

and that you won’t end up anywhere near big
and bulky..





So in shape..that your partner won’t be able to keep her hands off of you..

I come across this quite often being in the
realm amongst those wanting to get a


Well defined


Body that will last.. (something sustainable)

So I wanted to break this down for you, just
as I have with every individual I’ve coached ..

All the coaching clients I work with our in
need of an optimal fat loss protocol.. (aka shed the pounds)

Where their bodies are in a slight caloric

they have specific macronutrients designed
for their body profiles


they follow a periodized program that will
help accelerate fat loss…

To many times I come across those who have
tons of body fat, yet they want to
automatically be lean and sexy like that of a cover model

Which is fine

Just not instantly in the beginning of the

Is is possible to put on lean (not Bulky)
muscle during a fat loss phase…


Especially, if your body has never adapted to
the new stimulus that’s been placed upon
it…(LostFit Elite Training)

However is it OPTIMAL..


The 1st phase is specifically designed to
rapidly burn body fat

Once through this phase you will drop a
significant amount of body fat

Therefore, you will be able to stay lean all
year long

and might I add..

When you get your body to this state, you
will be able to indulge in a lot more in
those foods you love..

Just make sure to

1. You remain in a caloric deficit (don’t go
overboard with dropping calories)

2. You lift weights at least 2-3 times a week
and keep smart with cardio in the form of
intervals and sprinting

3. You’re hydrated—>at least 1 gallon of
water per day

4. You take an essential vitamin and greens
drink daily

5. You get plenty of sleep per night (try
magnesium powder if you have trouble

^^Do these consistently, progress and most of
all be patient with your transformation

Logan “Transforming the Modern (Busy) Professional” Henry


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