How to Not Gain Weight While Traveling -

How to Not Gain Weight While Traveling

So as I write this I’m getting ready to head
out to the airport to catch my flight back to
the east coast

And it dawned on me…

I will have no choice, but to eat inside the

Which to me is fine because I know exactly
how to be inside any environment and adapt my
nutrition accordingly

Same goes for all the busy guys I coach
within LostFit

They’re not lugging around 8 different meals
to eat, being a slave to the clock or
worse…packing bags full of tupperware

See, just like me

They’re constantly on the go

From work to family life and different social

They don’t have the time to prep or lug
around multiple options of food…hell, who

It just comes down to knowing the environment
you’re about to step in

In my case, I’ll be at the airport

So I will need to find either a restaurant or
a quick snack joint that serves all of the

A Greens Source (maybe a side salad)

A Main Protein Source (beef jerky, protein
bar, steak, or chicken)

A Fat Source (any kind of mixed nuts and most meats will have plenty of
good fats in them)

A Fibrous Carb Source (avocado, mixed nuts in
a salad, asparagus..pretty much anything

And that’s it.

No stress on if I’m go to back-slide on my

No worries on picking the ‘perfect’ meal or
place to eat

My point is this

Sometimes you have no control on what life
may throw at you and you must be willing to
adapt to your surroundings and pick a plan
that fits your lifestyle

Confused on where to find such a plan?

No worries, head over here:

To discover the possibilities, put an end
to the cycle of unhappiness

And gain the ability to get the results you
want and THRIVE across all areas of your life
at your highest possible level


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