How unicorns may be causing you to lose out on getting results -

How unicorns may be causing you to lose out on getting results

After finishing up long days, I usually get
a chance to spend some time with my better half…

And at times, there’s some good binging going on.

I’m not talking food or drinking here my friend, nope.

I’m talking…


Admit it…

You’ve binged watched one or two series

House of Cards

Sons of Anarchy

Breaking Bad



And out of all of these series, it’s very
tough to just watch one episode.

Hell, remember when Netflix first came out…

And everyone raved about the Dvd sleeves you
could get in the mail…

At the time it was cool, plus they basically
took Blockbuster to their knees

(which blockbuster could have opted in to own
Netflix in the beginning.. but decided against
it…bad move on their part)


Since there were very few streaming series to
watch at that time.

I remember constantly ordering the

One movie, in particular, caught my eye…

‘The Secret’

Now, before you check out and go back to

Stay with me here

I’m not about the whole:

“Believe it & it will happen mantra”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a positive guy, but I
also know to get exactly what you want in life has nothing to
do with the actual Idea or thought you have in your head…

But the EXECUTION you choose to do (or) not
to do.

In reality….

When it comes down to the goals you want to
reach and getting the Body you want…

The only thing that matters is:

What You DO

NOT What you ‘hope for’

NOT what you ‘dream of’

NOT what you ‘talk’ about

It’s WHAT YOU DO that will determine whether
or not you reach what you want to achieve


Because when you face reality and start stepping into the zone of discomfort…

That’s when RESULTS will show up my friend.

Everyone within the LostFit coaching realm
has stopped ‘talking’ and has started doing.

Details here:

Logan ‘No Unicorns Here, Just Results’ Henry

PS- Remember, my man…

Thoughts don’t become things.

An idea without execution is poverty my

If you’re ready to start executing,

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