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What Really Counts

Behold a classic saying I hear far too often:


“Trying to get going, I don’t want to be here
right now. I need to find me some motivation”


I’m not here to tell you how you simply can’t
rely on motivation as I feel I’ve made my
point on that before.

However, aside from him not wanting to be

I must give him credit for showing up and
getting after it regardless of how he felt.

See, most wouldn’t even show up in the first

See, after you’ve mustered up the courage to
commit something, it’s your duty to persevere
and show up daily through your actions, not
your words.

And your ability to do that inside any area
of life is the difference between staying
where you are right now and get lasting
results that will impact your life for the

If you’re anything like me, you know days are
bound to come that you can’t seem to get

And those thoughts of ‘why bother’
begin to creep inside your head.

Stressed about the present…

Fearful about the future…

Pissed off about the past…

Motivation seems to have faded…

Someone triggers you and it’s all you can
think about…

Things pop up that you weren’t expecting…

And before you know it….you once again,
surrender, and decide to throw in the towel

But to reach your goals…these are the most
important days to show up.

And let me clear up some BS you’ve probably
heard before…

“All you need is willpower and you can get
through anything”

I’m here to tell you otherwise, my good man.

I don’t care who you are, if you’re dependent
on will power, you will be fighting a losing

Willpower will eventually run out.

It comes down to creating a limitless
mindset, one that is UNBEATABLE.

One that can act in spite of instead of
giving into the emotions and the feelings.

One that has you showing up everyday without
any self doubt.

In Strength,

Coach Logan Henry

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