They're wrong... -

They’re wrong…

Went off on another Netflix tangent the other

Most were just re-runs of the same ole crap

but there was ONE golden movie that caught my

“An Honest Liar”

Featuring the one and only

Amazing Randi




Randi had a true passion for magic

Hell, he even dropped out of high school at
the age of 17 to join the circus..

(talk about career goals)

He enjoyed magic as a sincere way of conning

Yes, you heard right my friend

He said the beauty of magic is that people
are actually paying to be lied too

In an honest way..

They know the magic is pure illusion

but will simply accept that for the mere sake of
being entertained

What he wasn’t a fan of was

REAL liars


Dirty cons

That rome amongst the world tricking people
into believing something that’s not actually

“No amount of belief makes something a fact”

^words from the wise man himself

I couldn’t agree more

He wanted society to know the cold hard facts

Before believing something fully..

Reveling the TRUTH

Even if it meant having him being hated by
most in the world

This is truly POWERFUL..
ALL change starts with HONESTY

Getting in shape is exactly the same thing

You won’t ever change until you’re finally
honest about things

–>Where are you now, how does that truly make you

and what cost will you face if you don’t
address this problem sooner?

–> What do you really want to accomplish and

(this one will be a tough (yet crucial) for you to answer)

–>WHY haven’t you already achieved this
outcome yet?

^I know you’re busy..we all are

but I would seriously write those
questions down and think them through

Really get down to why you can’t do the
things you intend on doing..

I get it though

This is the DARK stuff that you don’t really
hear spoken of in the fitness realm

The stuff that the fitness industry


your cheap ‘happy clappy’ trainer down the road
doesn’t have the guts to talk about

You’re constantly bombarded with the same

‘Here’s a motivational quote of the day for
you”<–WOW did that really relieve all the
stress you’ve been facing in your life


Just DO it..<–Really if it were that simple
we would have an endless world of fit people

(instead of an obesity epidemic.. )

Trying to save you with a quick food pic of
what resembles that of rabbit food..

They are all failing miserably..

Busy working professionals all over the world are
not happy with their bodies

Blowing money on a cheap ‘one stop shop’
trainer, workout dvds, or magical supplements

All with wonderful promises, but very little
(if any) true fulfillment




Feeling like they’re going to have to settle
for the way things are..

Hating life

Sedating with Booze, Food or Laughter..

I know this because this is what I hear every
time someone joins the LostFit Elite

And when they finish their journey their







Showing up in POWER in all areas of their

So if me reveling the truth about

fitness and truly getting into shape and
showing busy

professionals their reality of every day life

Means I get some back lash..

That’s completely cool with me

And if that doesn’t suit your fancy

no hard feelings here my friend

I have busy peeps to transform over here: 

Logan ‘Not so Magic’ Henry

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