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Best Tip for Out of Shape Men to Lose Weight

“I was a little surprised by the whole
fasting thing’ in the morning, but I must
say I’m loving it..”

^words uttered by elite LostFit member
Dusty Garus

And come to think of it

I usually have the same similar response from every
busy guy that comes into the LostFit coaching

They’ve been brainwashed by the media and
other so-called health “gurus.”

That hands down if you want results in
dropping that unwanted body fat…

You must eat breakfast.

Well, I am here to tell you that’s simply BS
my good man.

In my most humble yet accurate opinion, you’ve
been duped.

Let me drop a little science bomb on ya for a
sec on why I recommend you as a guy should
start fasting for at least the first few
hours in the day.

Let me explain:

=>Morning Time Fast = Higher Testosterone

=>Morning Time Fast = Increased Fat

=>Morning Time Fast = High Levels
of Growth Hormone equaling out to more lean,
defined (not bulky) muscle and a lot LESS fat

=>Morning Time Fast = Optimized Hormone
Production for Rapid Results

=>Morning Time Fast = Increased Insulin Sensitivity, better leptin levels, leading to one Faster

=> Morning Time Fast = Better Cognitive Function to Finish that workload of yours at much faster pace

So there you have it, my man.

Just a few reasons why a slight fast within
the wee hours of the day will get that
body in the right state to burn fat.

Now, do I recommend this approach to everyone?

No, everyone is different and it all depends on how confident you are on the approach.

I’d have you consider giving it a try for 48 hours to see how your body responds and if you enjoy it, stick with it.
I hope this helps.

But remember my good man…

Information does NOT = Transformation

A True Transformation that leaves you

*FEELING confident within your body so you
can become a great example of self-worth for
your kids and loved ones

*FEELING like iron man when you look in the
mirror and know that you’re there at the top of
your game to provide security for you family

*FEELING that has your wife or partner
finding you attractive (again), leading to
better sex and finally being in the best
shape of your life

*FEELING accomplished because you now get
more done in less time, improved your focus,
and increased your capacity to make more

^^^That’s TRUE transformation^^^

These positive side effects are all too
familiar for the busy guys that are within
the LostFit Experience

Now’s your chance to join them and get you
rolling on the path of radical results, fast.

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Logan ‘Fast Tip’ Henry

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I recommend that you do NOT do this

“Should I pretty much avoid them all

^^common question I get asked all the time…

Are they the enemy…?

Carbohydrates that is…

My answer is always…Depends

There are som many popular diet fads out
there that by the time people come to me
they’ve literally tried it all and have
pretty much wreaked havoc on their overall

The most popular is cutting carbs

or (even worse)

Joining the Paleo fanatics.. (more on this
fad later)

The problem with simply cutting carbs is that
most don’t look at the overall equation at

Your body needs the following nutrients for
all processes in the body (especially to lose
body fat, lean out, etc..

Proteins (Used to rebuild cellular tissue of
the muscle cells)

Carbs (Used as a primary energy source)

Fats (Very important when it comes to overall
hormonal processes)

Fiber (always forgotten, yet CRUCIAL for results)

What usually happens when someone tells me
they’ve cut carbs…

They’ve also cut fat and most protein as

Resulting in the issue of having literally

Carbs have their place

But if you are over or around 16 to 20% body

or significantly out of shape…

To lean out and tone up you’re going to want
to back off just a bit…

I explain everything in more detail in this
episode of LostFit Life below

Logan “It Depends” Henry

PS A Knowledge gap is usually not the issue
when it comes to getting the results you want
inside any endeavor in your life.

It usually comes down to a behavior issue.

That being said if you’ve been struggling for some time to maintain consistent habits and you’re finally
ready to get real results and have them last. Fill in the short form below and I’ll reach out to you soon to figure out what obstacles are currently holding you back from the results you wish to see

How to Not Gain Weight While Traveling

So as I write this I’m getting ready to head
out to the airport to catch my flight back to
the east coast

And it dawned on me…

I will have no choice, but to eat inside the

Which to me is fine because I know exactly
how to be inside any environment and adapt my
nutrition accordingly

Same goes for all the busy guys I coach
within LostFit

They’re not lugging around 8 different meals
to eat, being a slave to the clock or
worse…packing bags full of tupperware

See, just like me

They’re constantly on the go

From work to family life and different social

They don’t have the time to prep or lug
around multiple options of food…hell, who

It just comes down to knowing the environment
you’re about to step in

In my case, I’ll be at the airport

So I will need to find either a restaurant or
a quick snack joint that serves all of the

A Greens Source (maybe a side salad)

A Main Protein Source (beef jerky, protein
bar, steak, or chicken)

A Fat Source (any kind of mixed nuts and most meats will have plenty of
good fats in them)

A Fibrous Carb Source (avocado, mixed nuts in
a salad, asparagus..pretty much anything

And that’s it.

No stress on if I’m go to back-slide on my

No worries on picking the ‘perfect’ meal or
place to eat

My point is this

Sometimes you have no control on what life
may throw at you and you must be willing to
adapt to your surroundings and pick a plan
that fits your lifestyle

Confused on where to find such a plan?

No worries, head over here:

To discover the possibilities, put an end
to the cycle of unhappiness

And gain the ability to get the results you
want and THRIVE across all areas of your life
at your highest possible level


PS- If you’re still confused on where to start when it comes to having the right nutrition strategy to get to where you ultimately want to go, fill in the form below as open and honestly as possible and I will reach out to you soon.

Fill out my online form.

Why you shouldn’t be doing this at breakfast

As most of you have been told “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day.

This statement can be true to a point, but most of society is confused about what’s the most optimal meal to intake during breakfast time.

Most people would advocate a large carbohydrate meal to give you sustained energy and get you going for the day.

The problem with this option is that your body is primed for fat burning during the morning hours, not only that, but it’s set to mobilize body fat.

Mobilizing body fat will move fat from your those really stubborn areas..

Your Gut

Your Love Handles

Your Lower Back

You name it, wherever you tend to have the hardest time losing fat, just by switching to a morning option that won’t spike your insulin (i.e- high fat, high protein breakfast) you will start seeing significant changes in your overall shape.

When you wake up your cortisol levels are at their highest. Cortisol is a stress hormone that if activated during a high increase of insulin will store body fat at a faster rate.

Most carb options will cause your insulin to spike, therefore a morning filled with donuts and muffins might not be your best bet when it comes to triggering fat loss.

A breakfast that keeps your insulin levels low will help continue the fat burning process and will give you sustained energy as the day goes on. If you stick with foods that are higher in protein and fat this will keep the insulin levels low.

Foods such as:

Eggs & Bacon
Chicken & Almonds
Steak & Walnuts
Ham & Avocado

The high protein content will help release a gradual amount of blood sugar slowly throughout the day.

This will help sustain energy levels and get you away from the lethargic crash that you might have after downing tons of carbs.

Simply by changing your breakfast every morning you will be able to see a gradual change in lower body fat levels, dropped weight, and way more energy throughout the day.

If your not a fan of breakfast that’s fine as well. I prefer to usually spend the first couple hours of the day in a fasted state. Sometimes if I need something to curve my appetite a little black coffee, coconut oil, and some whey protein will do just the trick.

I will talk more about the importance of fasting for a short period to ignite fat loss in a later post (stay tuned)

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How eating LESS is actually making you FATTER

The temptation is real my friend


To turn your head from it is almost

Damn near


What in the world do I speak of today..

Non other then the news..

We love bad news and the media knows this

So their stories are only out there for your

Rather then keeping you informed on the positive..

Just like the other day I heard something
so obnoxious that I had to clear some things up for you

Here’s what was said:

“Our country is suffering from a ‘weight-loss’ problem”

Wrong-O my friend

Thousands of people lose weight or get results every year

The issue at hand..

The results are never



Which is usually the number one thing I see before
people come on board within the LostFit Elite

See, Society has driven people to believe that in order
to get results they must first

“Starve Themselves”

This train of thought holds true to everyone
I come across who wants to

Transform their bodies
and sustain their results for good

They think

“The less I eat, the more I Lose”

^^^Wrong my friend

Their bodies have adapted to the state
they’ve been in for the last several years..

(overweight and out of shape)

So when they began trying to slice calories
to an alarming low level..

Progress came to halt and fat was there to

or worse..

Double from when they initially began trying

to get back into shape..

(discover why in the video I created below)


They stepped into the LFit Arena and began to
have it all..

-Daily checks with their food intake to make
sure they we’re held ACCOUNTABLE and learned
how to eat properly

-A mapped out nutrition plan SPECIFICALLY
catered to them and their lifestyles giving
them strategies to eat what they loved

-Weekly progress reports to make sure they
know their progressing and getting rapid

-Constant support from all the other members
inside the LFit team (it’s like a giant
family that doesn’t leave anyone behind)

Once on board, things began to CHANGE..

Experiencing it ALL

Something different

Something exciting


Most Important of all

Something sustainable

All by hopping on board here:

Up to you to make the ultimate decision

Logan “Stop Starving Yourself” Henry

PS: That video I was telling you about to help you

out can be found here:



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Why you keep falling off the wagon (and how to actually benefit from it)

Regardless if it’s fat loss, getting lean, becoming fit, or just reaching your full potential in any area of life

Psychology will play a huge role in your overall success.

Focusing on the point of fat loss..

Let’s dive deep into progression so you can finally start seeing actual Results.

Breaking down your diet..

I hear it all the time from people.. “Diet’s just don’t work for me”

You’re wrong..

Diet’s do least the one’s that are fit specifically for you, mapped out by calculated macronutrients and making sure your in a proper caloric deficit

The problem is that most people jump between one diet to another without really in sense of direction


Worse, they hear the cliche advice just “eat clean” and you’ll be fine

First off when it comes to “eating clean” your body has no idea whether your eating “clean” or “dirty” foods..(more on this rant for a later post)

Most will start a diet with good intentions, but they are usually just going through the motions with no real plan of action..

When the Struggles Come Out To Play

As soon as things start get tough or temptations start to occur in your life

You end up falling into the same bad habits you had once before

Using the typical excuse “nothing will work for me”


“Why Bother”

The Inevitable Plateau

It’s going to happen I promise you

You will plateau, but you need to know how to fix it once it happens

In the initial stages of your transformation journey you begin to see progress..

Start losing weight at a rapid rate, you feel incredible, your feeling as confident as can be..

Than it happens

Progress comes to a halt and you decide to try and trick your body by cutting even more calories in your diet..

Bad move..Your body will fight back making you eventually surrender and fail yet again

The Problem Thinking Short Term

We live in the society of instant gratification

So getting things fast is just the norm..

but when it comes to losing weight or getting lean you must be clear and set expectations that can be progressively met.

The Path to Success

In order to achieve lasting Results you must thing long term..

Create a plan of action that has you gradually losing weight throughout a specific period of time

It’s time to go beyond the quick-fix..because if you don’t you will remain exactly the same





because you tried putting the effort in, but in reality you didn’t reach the goals you set for yourself

Instead of Focusing on what you don’t have already..

Focus on how far you’ve come (hear me out)

Before you started your transformation journey, how did you feel?

Always Tired and Rundown…

What did your daily routine look like?

Get home from a busy day of work, crash instantly because of how exhausted you were..

How did you used to eat or move?

Little or a lot..

We tend to beat ourselves up if we haven’t accomplished our biggest goal..

However, the very reason most are stuck is because they are forgetting to celebrate the small wins

Getting Real with Yourself

Where are you at right now?

Being honest with yourself is a tough thing to do, but it can be the one thing to actually allow you to gain traction in your overall transformation

99.99% of the time it’s often something small that you’ve been ignoring, you’re not missing out on some magical formula

Are you staying consistent with your training and getting in at least 3 days a week?

Have you been consistent with your overall nutrition?

Are you getting enough sufficient sleep?

How’s your hydration?

These little things

Though they seem small will amount to RADICAL results if you just stay consistent with all of them

Where in the world are you going?  

I’m serious here

Most people get caught up in the quick-fix and don’t realize that a true transformation is backed by firm habits that don’t just come into play

over night…


Results Aren’t Linear

Your body is smart and will try to remain in homeostasis (the current state of your body) as long as it can

If you try to cut in terms of calories or the dreaded mistake of cardio overload..

Than you my friend will lose this battle


Facing Truth

Two things to take in to account..(seriously write this down)

1. Weight loss will never ever happen in a linear fashion

2. Stop worrying about the scale. Scale weight is very inaccurate and serves little importance in terms of measuring your

overall progression (keep reading for more on this)

Whether it’s water retention, food intake, training, gaining lean muscle, or filled glycogen levels

your weight will fluctuate on a daily basis

Why Measuring by “Weight” Alone Sucks

I understand, it’s a tangible number to track..there’s just much better (more accurate) ways to depict progress

Don’t get me wrong you should write down the progress that you have made from week to week , but..

Things like body fat measurements and updated progress photos will give you a more accurate reading of your overall progress

In the end it goes further than “hey, how much weight have you lost..?”

The real question is..

How does your body look and most important how do you feel?

If you lost 30 pounds of fat (that’s more than awesome), but are you flaccid looking with no real definition and you still aren’t happy in your own body..

Then please tell me again why scale weight matters..

Bringing it All Together

  • Enjoy your journey of change and let it be fun
  • Avoid the quick fix, focus on long term success
  • Celebrate the small victories
  • Stop obsessing over your weight

and finally

  • Be consistent and overall be ruthlessly committed to lasting change 

Logan “Mindset Extraordinaire” Henry

PS If you keep experiencing the same struggles, your constantly stuck seeing no progress in your body, and you finally want to get clarity on how to achieve the results you desire click below to Apply for a Strategy Session

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